This page will portray a gallery of team-ups (TU) and versus (VS) between characters from the NHD. Feel
       free to contact other members and join their teams or simply get their permission to have your characters
       meet or clash, then send them here for us to enjoy.

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Character Team-up

                Shadow TU Jihad                             Panther TU Wildclaw                     Galaxy TU Purple Dragon 

              Collosal Woman TU Fire Girl                           Peacemaker TU Red Olympian

Character Versus

Dark Priest VS Shadow              
      Shadow VS The Dark Priest                 Poison Arrow VS Ro-Bowtix                  Firedemon VS Stool Pigeon

  Collosal Woman VS Mach 6               Boom Girl VS Biorisk                                Maiden USA VS Maiden Japan                                                              

           Purple Dragon VS Galaxy                          Bombshell VS Red Olympian                     Gavin Reynolds 
 Mistress Menace 


     Irony VS Agent Danger

Team-ups and Versus


Peacemaker TU Boom Girl VS Escapist