Character- Death Angel
Death Angel

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Death Angel profile pic

First appearance:
Necron: The Dark Ninja: Death Angel part I

Real Name: Sofia Mayer
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue 
Height: 5 foot 9 inches 
Age: 32
Born in: Austria

Ethical alliance: Anti Hero


Sophia Mayer was born in Vienna, Austria, where she was adopted by a group of people whom would later be revealed to be D.S.U. (Dark Shadow Unit). She was trained and raised as one of their own.

Many years later, the D.S.U. got into an altercation with an opposing agency. They had not only lost that particular mission but also lost Sophia. She was still a child at time and the opposing agency easily retrained her into adopting their worldview and rejecting the evil ways of the D.S.U.

By the time Sophia reached her teens, she had already been going on missions and had learned how to kill the average person with ease, as well as groups of people with the many skills she had obtained. Unfortunately on one particular mission, Sophia was ambushed and recaptured by the very people that had taken her in the first place (D.S.U.).

Instead of a happy reunion, she was put through many "torture sessions" and very excessive routines to both punish and attempt to indoctrinate her back into their agency. One of the primary offenders was none other than Kara Jones who not only physically abused Sophia, but also psychologically destroyed her.

Months later, she was found and saved by the opposing agency which later was to be called "The Death Angels" and in turn Sophia herself was introduced as the first Death Angel.

From that point on, Sophia would recruit other women to be part of the agency as well as many vigilantes and outcasts that had special qualities that could benefit the agency in order to take down the rival D.S.U.

It took years for Sophia to recover, but she still holds the trauma that led to her becoming the first Death Angel.


Martial arts: Highly-experienced in hand-to-hand combat, such as: Jiu-Jitsu, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Boxing, etc. as well as versatile in both knife and gun combat. 

Agility: Highly-experienced gymnast and acrobat.

Military Training: She is proficient in the use of various weaponry, both, firearms and regular combat weapons such as knives & other blades.

Experienced in the medical field and as a chemical scientist.
Weaknesses:  Resentment of other women, while sympathetic towards men due to traumatic events. - Has no actual powers or enhancements when fighting superior opponents.

Sophia has many gadgets at the ready (hence, her two utility belts) such as tranquilizer-based weapons, paralyzing lipstick, wrist guns, hand blades, etc.