Character- Frost

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Frost full body

First appearance:
The Dark Ninja: Past Sins, Grim Future

Real Name: Rachel Erin Winslow
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue 
Height: 5 foot 7 inches 
Age: 23
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Rachel Erin Winslow had a fairly normal life, despite losing her mother to cancer at a young age. Her father tried his best to raise her alone but, as head of Winslow Enterprise, his business kept him at work much of the time. He was rarely home but he had made sure to protect his daughter from the same fate her mother had suffered. 

As a toddler, Rachel had been given an experimental vaccine that had been intended to be used on her mother but the vaccine had not been used because the medical community had not yet approved of it. They said that the vaccine had too many unpredictable side effects. Because of this bureaucratic hurdle, Rachel's mother had died but Rachel's father would not wait for bureaucrats to decide the fate of his daughter. He had taken matters into his own hands.

When she turned 18, Rachel and her friends decided to spend the long winter break by hiking in the nearby mountains. She had done so numerous times before, but never in the winter. While attempting to reach the top through a particularly treacherous path, the group was caught off guard when weather precipitations went haywire. Snow turned to rain and the a sudden drop in temperatures made the terrain extremely hazardous.

Rachel lost her footing and fell through a crack. There she struggled to get out but even with the help of her friends, the slippery conditions made it impossible for them to pull her out. Unable to get to her, her friends went for help.

Hours later, her friends returned with rescue teams but when they found her, Rachel was not moving. A layer of ice had formed around her. She was sent to the hospital but when the doctors saw her, they were sure she would not recover.

She proved them wrong and her condition soon stabilized but days later, when she awoke and tried to pick up a glass of water, she realized that something was terribly wrong.  The glass of water as well as its content turned to ice.

Stunned by the sudden occurrence, Rachel tried to touch other items and they too were covered in ice. She decided to keep the news to herself. She didn't want to stay in the hospital longer than she needed to and would wait to be released and finally at home, before breaching the subject with the father.

When she was finally home, she showed her father what she could do and that was when he told her about the experimental vaccine. He believed that her abilities came about because of it. That during her hypothermia, the vaccine in her body had caused her immune system to somehow merge with the exposed winter elements, making her body more immune to the cold conditions.

Rachel decided that she would use these powers for good and named herself, Frost. She eventually encountered other gifted people and teamed up with them. They called themselves, The Global Guardians.


Cryokinetics: Frost can manipulate water molecules and turn them to ice or snow. If water is not around, she can extract the moisture in the atmosphere and use it as well.

Constructs: She can create many items with the moisture around her. Items such as ice-gloves, sharp blades, ice-balls, and spikes are part of her regular arsenal.

Barrier: Her body emits a cold aura that enhances her tolerance to physical attacks such as punches and kicks as well as certain low energy weapons, but she can also create barriers of protection such as ice shield, domes or walls. 

Flight: By latching on to the water molecules in the air, she can propel herself at speeds reaching 120 mph when at full power.

Martial arts: In combat, Frost uses her powers alongside her mixed-fighting style: a crossover between judo, taekwondo and kick-boxing. 

Weaknesses:  Extreme dry heats and lack of water affects her ability to form ice and also to fly.