Character- Grimskull

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Grimskull full body

First appearance:
The Dark Ninja: Past Sins, Grim Future

Real Name: Unknown
Hair: None
Eyes: Unknown 
Height: 6 foot 1 inches 
Age: Unknown
Born in: Alternate universe

Ethical alliance: Good


It was while they were attempting to detect dark matter, that Blaze and Mothgirl of the Global Guardians made an unexpected discovery. As they intensified their probing for the elusive matter, a weird energy spike ignited within the fabric of space and a tear opened up. 

Their instruments indicated that the tear was in fact a portal that led to another part of the universe but before they could send a probe through to investigate, the tear sealed itself. They tried to repeat the experiment but were unable to reopen the tear.

They checked and rechecked their data and every day tried to recreate the circumstances that had led to the creation of that tear. The next five tests failed, but on the sixth try they managed to ignite a new tear.

This time they were ready and they sent in a probe. The probe took readings of its surroundings but the results were incoherent. It was as if the probe didn't understand what it was registering. Before the tear sealed itself, the probe was retrieved.

Further analysis of the data indicated that the readings had made no sense for one good reason. The portal that had been formed had not led to another part of the universe, but to another universe entirely. That universe had different laws of physics and the probe had been unable to understand this new data.

Blaze and Mothgirl were ecstatic. They had not only found a way to reach other parts on the universe but other universes as well. If they could refine their research, it would be possible to create a universal portal capable of sending anyone, anywhere, across space, to other universes and who knows where else. But before any of this were possible, they needed to understand why the portals did not open every time. The steps taken to open them were the same one used at every turn, yet, most of the time, nothing happened. It seemed as if the portals opened randomly.

Their research continued for months and they could come no closer to a solution, although they had opened dozens of portals. Some had led to foreign worlds, some to other galaxies even to alternate universes but controlling the access still eluded them until...he showed up.

This time, it was not they who had sent something through the portal. This time someone had come through. A humanoid figure entered the portal and he was not alone. A ferocious beast came flying through into the Global Guardian research room. Blaze and Mothgirl were caught off guard, but the humanoid, gifted with amazing power, vanquished the alien beast.

The humanoid introduced himself as Grimskull. He said that he had let this beast chase him for months but when he had found himself in this place, he knew the beast would cause great harm to those around, so he had decided to end the chase by killing it.

Blaze and Mothgirl introduced themselves but to their surprise, Grimskull had already heard of their team. He said that it was not his first time venturing to this world, but that until now, he had managed to keep his presence discreet.

It was after a lengthy discussion that the two scientists came to the conclusion that their research had been a failure. They had thought that they had found a way to create these portals when in fact all they had done was lock onto Grimskull himself. 

Grimskull had been opening these portals as he was letting the beast chase him. He was trying to lead it as far away from his world as possible because the beast had been responsible for the almost total annihilation of his people. It carried a disease that had been fatal to them yet, somehow, Grimskull had been spared.  

With the beast now destroyed, Grimskull returned to his world but there was not much more he could do for his people. He tried to help them as best he could and when there was nothing more he could do, he resumed his universe-jumping lifestyle.

He returned to Earth many times and joined the Galactic Guardians on many occasions. Eventually, he became a full-time member.


Energy manipulation: Grimskull can access the dark matter of the universe and has the power to control and channel cosmic energy. He can also manipulate objects on a molecular level.

Energy blasts: He can direct blasts of energy and force as well as manipulate gravity.

Teleportation: By creating portals, Grimskull can teleport to virtually any place in the multiverse.

Telepathy: He also possesses telepathic abilities enabling him to read minds.

Super strength: His strength is beyond that of mortals and he can easily lift objects in the 60-80 ton range.

Physical resistance: His body is capable of resisting high impact attacks with little to no discomfort.

Flight: For regular travel, Grimskull is capable of flying at multi mach speeds.

Enhanced intelligence: His intelligence is far superior to any man, but is considered standard by other beings like himself. He has an understanding of our science as well as that from his realm.

Martial arts: Grimskull's universe-jumping has brought him into contact with various forms of combat making him a formidable opponent.

Weaknesses: Grimskull is susceptible to the same types of energies he wields.