Character- Kara Jones
Kara Jones

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Kara Jones full body

First appearance:
The Dark Ninja: Past Sins, Grim Future Part 2 


Real Name: Kara Jones
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Navy blue 
Height: 5 foot 10 inches 
Age: 32
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


The Dark Shadow Unit (D.S.U) is an underground terrorist organization that specializes in creating enhanced-humans, super-creatures as well as special agents. Their main goal is to take out unwanted heroes and anyone who dares stand in their way from taking over the worlds' governments.

Kara Jones is one of their special agent. She was raised as a D.S.U. agent after having been adopted by a member of the organization. The D.S.U. was in need of new blood to start an army of deadly agents, and Kara was deemed to be special from the start.

In order to become an exceptional agent, she was trained by former special members who had earned the highest amount of combat experience. Kara performed exceptionally well but to ensure her continued devotion to the organization, her training became more than just physical. She was also brainwashed into accepting the toxic ideologies that the Unit believed in.

At age 18, Kara started going on solo-missions. Killing political leaders and important figures around the world earned her the position of high ranking agent in her field and soon after, Kara became regarded as being one of the deadliest agents alive.

She was eventually given a commissioned opportunity to take out two heroes, Dark Ninja and Frost. With preparation, Ms. Jones went after Frost first, hoping to take her out before catching Dark Ninja's attention. She knew better than to tackle on super powered individuals on her own, so, she was given a helping hand from biker gang, The Devil-Drivers.

Using a high-tech armored skin-suit, Kara fought Frost in a dragged out battle. Kara managed to come out on top, but unfortunately for her, Frost's boyfriend, Dark Ninja, showed up. Dark Ninja who possessed enhanced strength easily over powered her. Coupled with rage from seeing his girlfriend harmed, he brutalized Kara to a near-death coma. Luckily for her, Mothgirl came to impede on Ninja's violent outburst and he was taken by the Global Guardians and transferred to a secure facility for enhanced individuals.


Martial arts: Kara knows many forms of martial arts including Kung Fu, Jiujitsu, Muay Thai, Kyusho-jitsu, etc. making her a deadly combatant when faced in hand-to-hand situations.

Military Training: She is proficient in the use of various weaponry, both, firearms and regular combat weapons such as knives & other blades.

Kara isn't a powerhouse when it comes to her strength, but is above average in athleticism and can lift twice her weight, approximately 260 lbs.
Ms. Jones can run a mile in 6 minutes and is very quick on her feet in combat situations.

Agility: Kara is a very talented gymnast. As a means of defence, she uses her acrobatics for evading gunfire or potential strikes. In combat, she uses it in an offensive manner by combining it with her hand-to-hand fighting.

Weaknesses:  Overly-arrogant and stubborn.