Character- Mothgirl

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Mothgirl full body

First appearance:
The Dark Ninja: Past Sins, Grim Future

Real Name: Renee Stewart Anderson
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue (Navy) 
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 25
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Renee Stewart Anderson grew up in a military family. Having both an older brother and father who served in the military, Renee gravitated toward the lifestyle and decided to be a part of that military life.

She got through basic training, but her scientific aptitude drove her to join the military as a Tech-Scientist. She became part of a team whose research centered on producing better weapons and armor for a special branch of the military. But expectations were high and not all projects were summarily approved.

The Military Intelligence Unit (M.I.U.) were quite critical and only wanted the best for their troops. When Renee's team presented their new battle suit, the M.I.U. had not been impressed. Too many bugs had been found with the suit and it was deemed not safe enough to use in actual battle. The project was scrapped and the research team denied further funds.

With no new funding, the research team returned to what they called mondaine work. On her free time, Renee continued working on the suit with her colleague Lance Collins and because of their constant close proximity, the two started to date and sometimes even spoke of marriage. 

Then the D.S.U. struck. The underground criminal organization known as Dark Shadow Unit attacked the research center. They made their way to the weapons' vault and proceeded to steal all the high tech weaponry in storage.

As usual, Renee had been working on the suit, but as friends and colleagues started to get shot, she reacted and put on the rejected super suit. She only prayed that she had worked out all the bugs. Thankfully for her, she had.

The suit worked as expected. The physical enhancements the suit gave her as well as its weaponry, enabled Renee to take down the group of soldiers.
Unfortunately, her boyfriend, Lance, was killed in the attack.

Devastated, Renee left, but not before taking the suit with her. She blamed the military for what had happened. It was their greed for power that had placed the research team in jeopardy and she would not help them anymore. They would not have her suit used for nefarious deeds but she would put it to good use. 

Unfortunately for Renee, The D.S.U. still had Renee's original notes and eventually created copy-cat prototypes of her suit to use for their soldiers and spies, making them much more dangerous than before.

Renee became a full fledged crime fighter going by the name of Mothgirl and was later recruited by Blaze to the international team Global Guardians. Surrounded by people she could trust, Renee became one of the main leaders of the group and helped establish it even further with her tech and her experience in military-technology.


Power armor:  Mothgirl wears a suit constructed for the military.It augments one's strength, durability and speed. It is made of Kevlar.

Physical resistance: The suit gives the wearer better protection against physical attacks like punches, kicks, and even gunfire. 

Energy blast:
 The suit is equiped with stun-wrist guns and plasma-blasters.

Flight: Unlike the D.S.U. prototype suits, Mothgirl's is more sophisticated and has the addition of wings. These spring out of the back of her suit allowing Mothgirl to fly at moderate speeds reaching 100 mph and giving her more range in a fight than simply relying on street-level capabilities.

Military training: Renee was trained in military combat and weaponry. Although not a superb fighter, the combination of her suit and strategic intelligence, makes Renee a unique combatant.