Character- Necron

Created by: Luke Kegley

Other Picture: Dark Ninja full body

First appearance:
The Dark Ninja: Past Sins, Grim Future

A.K.A.: The Dark Ninja
Real Name:
David Connor Weiss

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown 
Height: 6 foot 
Age: 24
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Neutral


When he was still a child, David's parents were taken away by the entity known as Death. To those who had found the bodies, nothing had indicated that the deaths had come about from foul play, but the investigators were baffled nonetheless. Why had both parents died in their sleep, and even more strange, how had their child managed to survive five days without food or water?

None could have known that the child had been under the protection of the one who had taken the lives of the parents. Death had protected the child and had passed onto him a gift. A gift that had once belonged to the child's father.

David was raised as an orphan and never knew who his parents were. He was eventually placed in a foster home and lived a pretty normal life after that. Then, he turned 21 and Death came to him.

Death told him that he had not come for his life. On the contrary, David would be given a long life. A life in which he would continue to do his father's work. David would become a bounty-ninja like his father and his father before him. He would continue the age long tradition his fore-bearers had taken. It was now David's time to take his father's mantle. To fight and vanquish demons and creatures from beyond Earth's realm and to send them back to their rightful place and protect Earth's living inhabitants.

To accomplish his task, Death had given him powers and abilities to enable him to destroy the unearthly creatures who summoned themselves upon Earth's soil. Death trained him in the use of these abilities and when he deemed himself ready, David took the name, Necron: The Dark Ninja.

The Dark Ninja made a name for himself, but no one understood his true purpose. The media loved him but also hated him. He became a celebrity but his controversial tactics were heavily criticized. He got into long dragged out battles with heroes, villains and law enforcement because they would not understand that he was fighting demons and monsters and that to him, the laws of men were a hindrance. Demons did not live by them, so if he wanted to defeat hem, he could not live by them either.

He became a menace and no one wanted anything to do with him.

As David immersed himself in his mission, he became even more isolated than he already had already been. His one diversion were one night stands with many questionable ladies. It was all he could hope for. A normal life was not an option for him and so, when he was bar hopping one night, and a particular girl tried to get close to him, he rejected her out right.

As the Dark Ninja, he was eventually confronted by the heroine, Frost , a member of the Global Guardians. She had heard of his acts of lawlessness and had taken the popular view that he was a villainous vigilante, but as they battled, Frost got a measure of her opponent and realized that she may have made a mistake. He could have killed her more than once, if he had wanted but instead, when he had her pinned down, he had chosen to explain his actions to her, though he did omit the part about him being a ninja bounty hunter for Death.

Frost had not entirely agreed with his reasoning, but she had come to understand him a little better. The two had parted ways, each with a greater respect for the other. They crossed path a few more times after that and eventually became friends. David also learned that she was the same girl he had rejected that other night in the bar. This time, he let her get close and the two fell for each other and became a strong couple. Their relationship, however, had repercussions.

The Global Guardians did not accept the Dark Ninja as easily as their teammate, Frost, had. They would only trust him if he could prove his worth by joining their team, but his continued refusal to join any team created a problem and his relationship with Frost suffered as a result. The Global Guardians being an international team, Ninja would have to settle for a long-distance relationship with Frost.


Enhanced reflexes: His reflexes are such that he has been able to dodge a bullet point-blank.

Speed: His increased vitals give him the ability to run at speeds of around 125 mph.

Super strength: He possesses the strength to lift approximately 3 tons, but with Reaper Mode enabled (Death giving him a boost of adrenaline), he can lift 12 tons.

Healing factor: His connection to the external force, Death, allows him to heal his injuries in record time.

Heightened senses: He possesses hearing enabling him to hear a conversation through steel walls, smell that can detect an odor from 3 miles away, and enhanced sight.

Super jump: Can leap approximately 5 stories or 50 feet.

Martial arts: David has learned various martial arts which he enhances with his powers, making him a deadly combatant when need be.

Weaknesses: Overthinks situations and can become distracted easily, not always able to control his abilities or senses. The people he loves can become too big of an obstacle for him to move forward.

Paraphernalia: Uses Ninjato upper-wrist-blades that instinctively spring out when he's in battle, shurikens that shoot out from his bottom-wrists, and carbon-steel wire that shoots out from his finger tips. These can be shot up to 10 at the most and the are able to restrain or hold approximately 20 tons worth of weight.