Character- Monojet

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Pictures:
Monojet full body

Real Name: Foxy Jackson
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Age: 28

Nationality:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


When Foxy was attending LSU she came down with a real bad case of Epstein-Barr Virus EBV. For some reason the Mononucleosis was not getting better and her mom worried for her daughter. Thinking that the disease was unnatural, she called her sister who practiced Voodoo. She thought if anyone could make her better it was her.

Foxy's aunt brought with her the items she needed to perform the ritual. To ensure it would work, she also prayed to Kalfu, one of the Voodoo gods, for assistance. Ordinarily, the gods took little notice of those who prayed to them, but this time, Kalfu had heard her call. The ritual had been performed to perfection and Kalfu had been impressed, however, he had also been annoyed. Part of his obligation now, was that he had to assist. He had better things to do than deal with human suffering but rules were rules. Even the gods had to live by them.  Still, he was a god and a god could play by his own set of rules.

Kalfu watched from his domain as Foxy's aunt mixed the ingredients and prepared the potion. As he did so, he sipped on his favorite drink, Rum laced with gunpowder. He chuckled as he poured a portion of the contents of his cup into the mix.

Kalfu spoke to himself. "You wanted something to boost her strength? She will have that and more. You wanted me to cure her of her disease? Well, all I can say is that SHE won't suffer from it anymore. There, my task is done."

After drinking the potion Foxy fell asleep. She slept for two days and when she woke the fever was gone and she felt better. It didn't take long for her to realize that the potion had done more than heal her. As she was going to school, she was pushed down and her purse was stolen. The thief ran through the crowd and disapeared from sight, but as Foxy got up and chased the thief to retrieve her belonging, the world stopped, or at least seemed to stop. She was moving so fast that people seemed to be standing still and within a few second, the thief was in her grasp.

She held on to him and as she yelled at him, she unintentionally sprayed him with some of her spit. He collapsed in her arms. When she later learned that he had been afflicted with a bad case of Mono, she wondered if she had been the cause. It turned out that she had been. The potion she drank had never cured her. It had cursed her.

Kalfu had given her a gift but the Mono was and always would be a part of her. Foxy had learned a valuable lesson that day. The gods did listen at times, but beware; 
every gift from a god must also come with a price. 


Speed: Monojet has super speed and can run at Mach 5 velocity.

Healing factor: The potion has also affected her recuperative abilities and she can heal at an accelerated rate.

Substance secretion: Although she is immune to it, she still carries the Mono and can pass it on to others through saliva. This gives them extreme fatigue and cold-like symptoms.

Weaknesses: High intensity cold can slow her down.