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Invulnerability, nigh-invulnerability and indestructibility

Let me tell you the true meaning of invulnerability.

Many of you so called heroes, as well as villains, claim to possess the highest of status in this domain. You claim that nothing can harm you and that you deserve to be placed among the pantheon of the true immortals. But I have gazed upon you all, and have seen that most of you are lacking in that respect.

You believe that because you can withstand the paltry weapons your species has concocted, that nothing in the universe can harm you. How foolish and naïve of you. How can you claim to know power when you have barely taken your first steps into a vast universe of unknowns. There are powers out there that dwarf your own and what you call indestructible on your world, is nothing but brittle on another.

Still, I suppose that the fault is mine in the end. I have created this power chart in order to give you a sense of where you are situated amongst your peers, but many of you abuse it, believing that by claiming to be gods, I would place you among them. But your claims alone are not sufficient. Your actions must reflect your words and in most cases, they do not.

In truth, I must admit that my own team, Gaia Force has also abused it. Some have tried to place themselves where they did not belong. I should have known Roguestar would try something like this. This young foolish lad thought his deed would go unnoticed, easily convincing his partner in crime, Meridian, to follow suit. And to her shame, she agreed. They have both since been reprimanded for their insolence and I have rectified their chart.

As for Renshi, his claim of invulnerability may have been in error, but through no fault of his own. The Guardian had claimed he was, though in truth, he should have said nigh-invulnerable. Night Storm and Silverlance, however, deserve their claim for they truly for Nicci, the less said about her, the better.

I have since rectified the errors.

So then, what does it mean to be really invulnerable? It means to be capable of withstanding the harshest physical and energy environments with NO DAMAGE.

A character with a 90 and above rating in durability qualifies as being indestructible to nigh invulnerable  meaning that he can survive a nuclear blast with little to no damage.
A 95-99 rating means that he can survive a multi-megaton nuclear blast with NO DAMAGE.
And to be considered truly invulnerable, one must be able to spend a prolonged amount of time within a star's corona. This will test your endurance towards extreme physical forces of every kind.

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From Brian Hitsman : I only have one character (without going into the future for Manchine) that could score 100, Dark Being. He is a black hole that gained Sentience. There also other characters I have but they are literally the Forces of the Universe. Since they can throw planets around like baseballs.
The Most Overated of Powers

When it comes to evaluating a character's power, most people have a pretty good idea of what they think their character should be able to do. If the character has super human strength he can either lift a car or truck or a tank. If he can fire energy, it is usually specific; magical, elemental, non elemental, psychic or a form of mutant power. As to how the character gets around? He can either fly, run, teleport or even swim. These are specific and measurable powers because we can easily visualize them. But one power tends to get over-used and abused, and that power is speed, but not just any speed. Specifically, the speed of light.

Many characters, especially runners, tend to be given this ability and although it would make sense that some characters could attain such a speed, the majority should not. Why, do you ask? Well for one, characters who cannot leave the confines of the planet cannot adequately measure their speed to see if indeed they can attain light speed. The circumference of the Earth measures approximately 25000 miles. It is not a sufficiently long racetrack to measure it. The speed of light is around 186000 miles/sec so, in order to measure it you would need to test it in outer space, but then again, how do you run in space?

Some could argue that running around the Earth seven and a half times per second could be a way to test it but that is not possible for the simple fact that an object moving at that speed inside an atmosphere would burn up and probably ignite everything around it, causing untold calamities in the process.  Not only that, but running seven and a half times around the Earth in one second without hitting trees, people, buildings or cars would be a feat, indeed. In truth, characters who are bound to the planet would have no need to travel that fast. Travelling above Mach 33 (25000 mph) could cause the individual to escape Earth's atmosphere and die.

And one more thing, matter cannot reach light speed, only energy. In order to achieve light speed, a character should be able to turn to energy or at least encase himself in an energy cocoon of sort (as done in my novel Grey Legacy).

What if the character had a way to negate his impact on his surrounding? That could do it. Sonic Soldier sonic soldierhas used that very technique and the explanation is sound. Still, without testing it on a long distance run, it is hard to prove if he has indeed attained light speed.

It is also easy to forget about the laws of physics, and people should not. Yes, we know that many characters from other main comic companies have done so. They can fly at multiples of light speed even though nothing in the universe can, not even in theory. Bending space could simulate faster than light travel but nothing has moved faster. Neutrinos were thought to have broken the barrier but it has been disproved.

So, what am I saying? Don't make your characters travel at light speed? Far be it for me to tell you how to create your characters. I'm only suggesting that you do your research and try to make things as plausibe as possible. We know superheroes are not real but it's fun to read a profile and think, "yeah, I buy that!"

Keep the creative juices flowing!