Character- Noosefingers
Noose Fingers

Created by: Samuel Bruch

Other Pictures: 
Noosefingers full body

First comic book appearance: Forthcoming Bridge #1 comic

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Age: 170+
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Anti hero


The man who became Noosefingers was an unknown confederate hangman who had taken a little too much pride and enjoyment in his work. As such, he was banned to hell after he himself was hung. As to who had been the perpetrator of that deed, there is still much speculation. Some think it was freed slaves. Others that it was union soldiers. Many believe it was the hangman himself.

His grotesque form was fashioned in hell. His uniform and ropes are a part of him as they are made from his own flesh. He
 was sent back to the world of the living to atone for his sins. Anywhere there is a racial injustice he will be there as a warning and more often then not, a deadly one.

An added "perk" of his curse is that he is always feeling the pain and suffocation of his own hanging and for each injustice he remedies, the pain lessens a little bit.


Natural weapons: Each of his hands possesses extending noosefingers instead of fingers. These noose fingers are capable of choking a person to death.

Teleportation: Noosefingers can teleport where he senses his victims to be. 

Physical resistance: He can resist attacks of that would be fatal to normal men because he feels minimal pain and so, can endure beyond normal. 

Immortality: His body can be physically destroyed but he will not die. In time, he will be reborn.

Weaknesses: Although his mission is quite specific, Noosefingers is sometimes faced with a legitimate change of heart towards his victims.

He can be bound by his own fingers or choked by pulling on the noose around his neck.