Character- Pulse

Created by: Mike Silva

Other pictures: Pulse full body

Name: Charles Renault
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Hair: Black
Age: 28

Born in: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


Born with a genetic heart defect, Charles could not be like other kids while growing up. He seldom played with them, his heart being too weak to handle the stress, so he spent most of his time at home reading comic books. Reading about those heroes inspired him to help others and as he got older he began working for the benefit of others who were like him.

He studied in the field of prosthetics and designed many new technologies to help those with physical handicaps but his greatest challenge was still that of trying to cure his own heart. But his breakthrough did finally happen. One night, he was heading home and heard a loud and thunderous noise. Something had crashed not far from where he was and when he found the object, he knew it had not come from this world.

Charles found no pilot in the devise but believed it may have been some alien satellite. It may have been cloaked at some time, possibly set up to watch humans without being detected. But what had happened to it? Charles supposed that it may have collided with some of Earth's space debris and had deviated from its trajectory before Earth's gravity had pulled it down. Fascinated with the chance to view and study this new technology, Charles took what he could from the pod, thinking that he might used it for his research. 

For the next few weeks, Charles stayed up late to work on his own "secret project" and he succeeded in integrating the alien technology to the prototype of a heart device he had designed. Excited by his new accomplishment, he tested it on himself but things didn't go as planned. The device did fix his heart by permanently fusing with his body. It not only supplied him with the energy he needed, it gave him energy to spare. Not only could he now make substantial physical effort, he could go beyond that. He was stronger and faster. He had become like the heroes of his youth and like them, he would help change the world.

He became the hero known as Pulse.


Power accessory:  The device that fused with Pulse's body gives his body immense power. Although this power is limited. He cannot infinitely augment his body to become infinitely strong. His heart sends the power and energy to his body as Pulse desires. The power slowly fades and is replenished with every pump of his heart. During moments of intense physical effort, he can redirect his powers faster.

Super Strength: Pulse can channel his power to various parts of his body, making those parts excessively strong. Channelling it to his arms makes them incredibly powerful. Channelling his power all over his body makes him weaker in strength but augments other of his abilities. Depending on the situation, he can choose where to direct his energy.

Physical resistance: When pulse augments the strength of one of his body parts, this part becomes tougher. At his peak resistance, he can withstand heavy artillery. This increase in resistance also allows him to not break the bones of the augmented part. By evenly spreading out his energy throughout his body, Pulse can withstand low calibre bullets.

Speed: Augmenting his own legs allows Pulse to attain great speeds. Whether it is through running or just by propelling himself by pushing the ground below him with great force. He can attain speeds of around 400 mph.

Heightened senses: Sending his power and energy to his brain augments the acuity of his senses, allowing him to see farther, to think faster and to be more aware of his environment. However, this makes him more vulnerable to pain as his pain receptors are also heightened.

Weaknesses: When Pulse's body isn't augmented he is as vulnerable as any other human. If certain body parts are augmented but other aren't. The non augmented ones are still as weak as a normal human's. The device technically did not fix Pulse's heart condition, it simply gave the same power his body can posses to his heart. So if he gives absolutely all of his energy to anywhere else in his body and takes from that energy from his heart, he would suffer from the same problems he suffered before.

In moments of intense stress, he can direct his powers faster but his heart requires more energy to do so. If he uses too much of his energy, his heart could fail him, as it will not have any more energy to keep beating at a normal rate. This defect could become fatal in an intense and long drawn out battle.