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Welcome to the New Heroes Database (NHD). This site was created exclusively so that the characters you have created may have a place where they can belong. As part of the NHD, they will be part of a community rather than stay in a folder where only you can enjoy them.

Unlike other database sites, this site will not portray known characters from the major comic book companies but independant authors are welcome to include theirs. The characters in the NHD will have their own profile page. They will also have a stats chart derived from the criteria established by the site. Along with the character's information, your name will be listed as their creator and a link will be posted to your own site.

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  Golden Leopard  Ouraeus  Kaliyuga  Lord Trimer  Xoura  Mime  Jinniyya  Heinous  Rigor Morta  Piraya  HERcules  Huntsman Spyder  Superiora (original)  Nucleate  Heart Empress  Lobster Tank  Chlorina  Sintilla  

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The Ace  Pederosa  Aranha  Arctica  Miss Mercury  Vendetta  Arogya  Exocet  Dog Catcher  Unholy Diver  Knight Panda


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