Character- Adonis

Created by: Chris V

Other pictures: Adonis full body

First appearance: Victory #1

Real Name: Dirk Hunter
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 49
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Since he was little, Derek Greenburg always wanted to be an actor. Years later, now calling himself Dirk Hunter, he got his chance. His dream finally came true, when he was cast, to play Adonis in an action movie called, "Titans and Gods".

With the sucess of the flim, the now rising action star, Dirk starred in 100 movies though almost all of them were box office flops. Fearing to lose the spotlight, Dirk agreed to undergo an experimental surgery to become a real life Superman.

Now a big  action star, with powers, Dirk decides to become a superhero. using the name, Adonis, Dirk fights for justic and fame. 


Super strength: His surgically enhanced strength enables him to lift loads in the 50 ton range.

Indestructibility: Although his body's is nigh indestructible and he can take most damage from any weapon on Earth, he can still be beaten by an opponent of higher power and if beaten badly enough, he can die.

Flight: He can fly at a moderate speed of 125 mph.

Weaknesses: Due to his acting and public appearances, Adonis rarely trains himself. Most times, Adonis can be very arrogant and even let his guard down when he goes after someone he thinks is beneath him.