Character- Agent Polymer
Agent Polymer

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture:

agent polymer

First appearance: 
All Winners Society #3 (Forthcoming) 


Real Name: Chad Lofgren
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1"
Age: 33

Born in:  Sweeden

Ethical alliance: Evil


Born in Sweden and sent to America to go to college, Chad eventually applied for US citizenship but what no one knew was that he had also been recruited as a spy by the Swedish government. Chad was mostly called on for small missions but then his government wanted him to break into a high tech facility and steal a top secret compound. The high grade polymer compound could transform solid items into a highly durable plastic infinitely pliable.

After stealing the the file, Chad corrupted the computer so that they could not be retrieved. He then went to the glass storage container holding the compound and carefully tried to remove it but could not. The compound was sealed inside a pressurized biosafety container and could only be extracted in minute samples through glove ports.

As the alarms rang, Chad knew he had a limited amount of time before he was discovered. He took a fire ax from the safety cabinet and smashed the glass container. It was a mistake. The pressurized cabinet exploded and Chad was covered in the compound. He could feel it enter his body through the pores of his exposed flesh.

As he lay there dying, authorities and paramedics arrived and worked on him. He was brought to the hospital where he was placed in ICU. When he recovered, he was charged with breaking and entering and theft, but the worst charge was that of breaking into a US Government facility. He was guaranteed a minimum 40 year sentence.

It was during his transportation to the prison that he noticed something different about his body. At first he thought it was the drugs the hospital had given him for pain but when he saw his body start to stretch he knew the compound he had been doused with had altered him physically.

He waited for his opportunity and when the prison bus made a stop, he slipped out of his shackles and squeezed himself out of the vehicle. The officers started shooting at him but their bullets just bounced off him. Chad made his escape but he had now become a fugitive in his adoptive country and had been abandoned by his former one. With no way to return to a normal life, he turned to a life of crime and in time found a place where he felt he belonged. He joined a group of other disillusioned freaks like himself and became part of the Freak Show


Elasticity: Agent Polymer can stretch any part of his body and manoeuver himself through virtually any opening or obstacle.

Shape changing: He can shape his body into any form he wishes.

Super jump: 
His preferred means of travelling is by turning his legs into springs and jumping.

Weaknesses: Extreme cold can hinder or even stop his ability to stretch.

Paraphernalia: Agent Polymer wears goggles linked with his computer which allows him access to information, blueprints or maps to aid his mission or escape. The goggles also give him enhanced vision like infrared and night vision.