Character- All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve

Created by:  David Eveleigh

Other Picture: 
All Hallows Eve full body 

Real Name: Eve Alchemy Halloran
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Grey
Height: 6 foot 3 inches (not a typo)
Age:  13

Country of Origin: Canada

Ethical alliance: Good


While there are many different tales of how Jack O'Lantern came to be, this version is the most common.

Long ago, Stingy Jack was a small time crook with a reputation for being a smooth talker. One Halloween night, his number came up and the Devil arrived to take him to Hades. But, with a silver tongue, Jack convinced Mephistopheles that, in exchange for an apple, he would go with him willingly and not put up a fight.

Excited, the Devil agreed to his proposal and climbed the nearest apple tree to fetch him his payment. But Stingy Jack was a cunning criminal. He trapped the Devil by drawing a cross on the tree's trunk.

Although the Prince of Darkness threatened him with eternal suffering, Jack refused to set the Devil free until he vowed to never claim his soul.

Eventually, the Evil One gave his promise and was released.

Because of that promise, Stingy Jack cannot not go to Hell. However, his wicked ways also prevent him from going to Heaven. As a result, his spirit is now cursed to roam the Earth forever, with only a glowing pumpkin to light his way. That is the legend of Jack O'Lantern.

To make up for all his evil deeds, Jack has granted his supernatural powers to a kindhearted country girl named Eve Halloran.

Armed with an array of ghostly abilities, she tries to set his wrongs right by fighting crime and injustice everywhere as our beloved heroine All Hallows Eve. And so, the legend continues...


Transform: Jack's ghost is able to turn Eve into All Hallows Eve at any moment.

Super Strength: Her strength is prodigious and she has managed to lift a collaspsing building.

Space travel: Eve has the ability to leave the Earth and travel between the planets if need be.

Flight: She can achieve interplanetary flight speeds in the vicinity of point one light speed. On Earth, her speeds are reduced but she can outrun most vehicles.

Energy blast: Her Samhain Ray is an energy attack made out of pure fear. Jack O'Lantern feeds on peoples' negative fear energy, allowing Eve to fire it in a pumpkin-shaped blast.

Force fields: Can also use her Samhain Ray to create force fields, but they don't last long.

Invisiility/intangibility: By emitting a ghostly aura, Eve can become invisible and is able to walk through walls.


Since Jack feeds on negative fear energy, any source of positive energy weakens both of them (silver, garlic, running water, salt, holy items, etc.)

Eve has little to no actual combat ability. She relies entirely on Jack's powers to get her through a fight. Without them, she's pretty useless.

Eve isn't the brightest girl around, often heading into battle without thinking. On one occasion, it cost her dearly when she lost the use of her left eye in a battle.

Eve's identity is public knowlwedge, making her an easy target.


Paraphernalia: Eve carries her "Stalkie-Talkie", a two-way radio, that lets her stay in constant contact with the police.