Character- Amazona Negra
Amazona Negra

Created by: Cityhunter77

Amazona Negra
Art by Nasbak Cryman

Other Pictures:
         Amazona Negra by Nathanomir

Amazona Negra (mature audience)

Real Name: Barocca Alves Prado
Hair: Black
Eyes: Grey blue
5 foot 10 inches (1.78 m)
Age: 25
Born in: A village in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest (Brazil)

Ethical alliance: Good


A legend of her village stated that someone with a different eye color would be born and destined to do great things. Since everyone in her village had black or brown eyes, Barocca's almost gray blue eyes made her stand out. Her grandfather, who was the head of the village, believed she was the one the legend spoke of.

He trained her vigourously and taught her to how to move and face the perils of the jungle without difficulty. To increase her success, he also allowed her to study in the city. There she would learn from many teachers of the arts of fighting but also learn the ways and skills of the modern world. When all was done, she was ready to face the fate of that legend.

With her IQ of 160 and photographic memory, she easily obtained three university degrees and by the time she was 18, she had learned 8 different fighting styles and how to handle every type of weapon. She is also an excellent strategist.


Physical perfection: Barocca has trained her body to peak efficiency. She can run at 20 mph and lift around 330 pounds. She can perform long jumps of about 23 feet ( 7 meters) and high jumps of about 6'5 feet (about 2 meters).

Enhanced vitals: She can fight, run or do any exercise at peak performance for about 3 or 4 hours, so she has great physical endurance.

Martial arts: She is well versed in many martial arts most notably cappoeira, judo, teakwondo, karate, wrestling, boxing, kick boxing and greco-roman wrestling.

Weapons master: She is an expert in the handling of all types of bladed and blunt weapons as well as firearms, and is also a teacher of the whip and shield.

Enhanced intelligence: She has an IQ of 160 and photographic memory.

Paraphernalia: She also carries 6 daggers, which are distributed individually, on each biceps, forearm and thigh. She wears a belt with pockets where she has different objects such as blinding bombs, handcuffs, smoke bombs, etc ...
On the right side of that belt she wears a restraint to hang her whip and on the left side she wears another restraint to hang her sword. She also carries a circular shield on her back.