Character- American Bald Eagle
American B Eagle

Created by:  
Rodney and Phylicia Lockett

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Real Name: Emery Spahr
A.K.A.: ABE (A.B.E.)

Hair: None
Eyes: Golden
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 24

Nationality:  USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Emery was still a young girl when she started to get bad headaches. Her parents took her to the doctors and after several tests it was confirmed that she had a brain tumor and that it was cancerous.

Emery went through a battery of treatments including Chemo and Radiation therapy and was put under an array of medications, all of which did nothing to destroy the inoperable tumor. Her parents were losing faith and decided to look for alternate possible cures.

Then, her mother who was searching the internet for miracle cures, found a doctor who was experimenting with animal DNA. He claimed that his treatments had cured many patients, but he was concerned about how irradiated Emery's blood had become. He explained his concern to Emery's mother but he was eventually swayed by her insistence and pleading. After having done more tests on Emery, he decided that the DNA from the American Bald Eagle contained what it needed to heal the young girl.

As the treatments progressed, the tumor started to shrink but the process was slow and Emery was getting weaker day by day. Her mother was worried that at that rate, her child might die before the tumor did. She asked the doctor to increase the dosage but he would not, fearing for the child's safety. She said she understood, but when the doctor left her alone for a moment, Emery's mom took matters into her own hands. She picked up the syringe with the eagle DNA and injected all of it into her daughters I.V. bottle. Emery began to seizure before falling into a coma.

Emery was moved to her mother's where she remained in a coma for 6 months. During that time, the tumor disappeared but something started to protrude from Emery's back. Because her condition was still precarious, they decided not to try to perform surgery until she was healthier.

Emery finally woke up from her coma and asked her mom why her back was so sore. She tried to get up but her mom stopped her. She told her that she had been cured of her cancer, but that there had been some side effects. She took out a mirror and showed her daughter that her hair had fallen off and would likely never grow back. Emery looked at her bald head, passed her hand over her smooth scalp and smiled. She liked her new look. Then she got a glimpse of something behind her and she understood why her back hurt so much. A huge pair of wings had grown out of it.

For the next few weeks, Emery continued her physical therapy and was soon ready to walk again. With the first step of her recovery complete, she then moved on to step two. She began to stretch her wings and slowly took to flight.

In time, she came upon other powered beings and became part of a group called American Alliance. Since her hair never grew back ,she decided to embrace her mixed DNA and called herself American Bald Eagle.


Flight: Thanks to her twelve foot wingspan, ABE can fly at speeds reaching 160 mph.

Enhanced vision: Her keen eyesight can detect objects that are miles away.

Enhanced vitals: The combinations of drugs and radiation in her system altered her physiology and although her bones are lighter to enable her to take flight, they are also denser making her physically stronger then a normal human.

Paraphernalia: ABE wears light weight body armor to protect her.