Character- American Mom
American Mom

Created by: Johnny Haradrim

Various appearances: 
Mother Knows Best
Freedom V Brunhilda
Museum Job
A new Begining

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American Mom full body

American Mom Gallery

A.K.A: Freedom (During WWII)
Real Name:
Carol Ann Briggs

Hair: Black as A.M./Blond as Carol
Eyes: Violet as A.M./Blue as Carol
Height: Variable 5 foot 10 inches as A.M/5 foot 8 inches as Carol
Age: 96 (Born 1918)

Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Carol's pregnamt mother discovered a large crater that had been formed by a crashed meteorite and when she saw the glowing remains, she took it with her believing it to be of some value. As a result, Carol, still in her mother's womb, was bathed in an unknown form of radiation emitted by the rock.

It soon became evident that the young Carol was special when she never got sick and slowly displayed unusual abilities. Her parents were very supportive during these trying times but never faltered from doing the right thing for their daughter. They instilled in her a strong sense of morality, values and responsabilities, so when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour, she decided to take action.

Knowing that, at the time,  women were not allowed in combat, she enlisted in the Woman's Auxiliary Army Corps and made her way up the ranks.

She eventually put her disguising skills to work when she infiltrated the White House to have an audience with the President and First Lady. Impressed with her, the president granted her an audience and Carol offered her services in the fight against the Axis powers. 

With the president backing her, she was trained in combat and took on the name of Freedom. She fought many battles for her country but when the atomic bomb was used, she lost faith in the military. She resigned from her post but was treated as a deserter, so she went into hiding.

After running for fifty years she decided to settle down and eventually married and had children but circumstances forced her to resume her role as a super heroine and she donned her costume once more. Now under the name American Mom, she has resumed her crime fighting life while posing a the owner of a special effects company.

As American Mom, she has become a role model and mentor to other superhumans.



Size changing: 
Can alter her size and height to a certain extent.

Mimic: A talented actress and mistress of disguise, she was employed in numerous operations behind enemy lines (WW2). She can mimic and impersonate others using masks and skinsuit disguises.

Chomatophoria: She can alter the pigmentation of her skin.

Telekinesis: Through some form of telekinesis, she can direct her mask disguises to perfectly mimic subtle facial changes reflecting mood, inner feelings etc, especially if the facial muscles don't align. In this way the mask doesn't just come off as expressionless and a dead giveaway, and wouldn't fool anyone except in the dark from a long distance.

Mind control: Through a technique she calls her "Maternal Voice", she can render others susceptible to suggestions and compliant to her wishes.

Invulnerability: She has a high resistance to most forms of attack, be they physical or energy. Damage becomes noticeable only after prolonged exposure. 

Flight: She usually keeps her speed at Mach 5 while on Earth but can achieve escape velocity and beyond.

Space Travel: Her body can withstand the rigorous reaches of outer space and she can travel inter-planetary distances.

Super strength: Her enhanced strength allows her to lift in excess of 100 tons.

Extended lifespan: Americam Mom seems to age extremely slow. Although she is almost one hundred years old, she still looks to be in her late thirties.

Weaknesses: Doesn't take human lives.

Paraphernalia: She uses an assortment of masks to infiltrate enemy territory.