Character- Animal Teen
Animal Teen

Created by:  Brian Hitsman

First appearance: 
Global Defense Force #1 

Other picture:
Animal Teen full body

Real Name: Adam
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 foot 5 inches
Age: 15

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Animal Teen is just beginning to learn about his powers. He often holds back when fighting people.

His ability to control his powers is linked to his emotions. All he knows is he wants to do good. He has a strong hatred to those that want to disrupt families in his city. He feels he has an a sense of duty to protect his city.

His Grandmother, Mother and Sister do not know that he is a super powered hero. Although the government does know.


Size changing: Animal Teen can change his size to as little as 0.1 millimeter and as tall as 150 ft.

Super jump: His animal abilities allow him to make leaps of up to 1/2 a mile and his tail controls his landing.

Agility: He possesses increased agility, enabling him to move quickly and avoid attacks.

Regeneration:  His body possesses regenerative properties, enabling him to replace lost limbs.

Bestialinguilism: Has the ability to communicate with the fauna.

Super strength: His strength increases to super human proportions as his size increases. It is estimated that at his maximum, he can lift as much as 120 000 tons.

Since he is still learning about his powers, more might appear later.

Weaknesses: His emotions can make him lose control of his powers. For example anger causes him to grow fear causes him to shrink.