Character- Anomaly

Created by: Lawrenz Lano   

First appearance: 

Other Picture: 
Anomaly humanoid form

Anomaly Unleashed

Art by Gilbert Monsanto                 



A.K.A.: Ann
Real Name:

Hair: Black and Gold (Made of darkness and light)
Eyes: Yellow 
Height: 6 foot
Age: Somewhere in the billions
Familial links: Lover (Avatar Prime)

Base of operations: Milky Way Galaxy

Ethical alliance: Neutral


Billions of years ago, a massive star in the Milky Way galaxy reached the end of its life and collapsed into a black hole. As the gravity well took form, it pulled in its surrounding planets and consumed them. One of the worlds, however, had been gifted with a soul but the suddenness of the incident pulled the world's soul before it could be released into the ether. The world's soul became trapped and lay dormant for eons until it was awakened by a presence.

Unlike all the things that had made their way inside the unforgiving darkness, the presence had only stayed for a moment, but it was long enough for the soul to long to escape it as well. It pondered what it had witnessed, but try as it might, the darkness would not release it. The soul had no choice but to sleep once more, but then, the presence returned.

The first time the presence had come, it had not been complete. Only a part of it had come to the darkness and that part had fought to escape it, but this time, the presence was whole, and it had come willingly. It even had a name.

It was after his battle with Q'Aestor that Avatar Prime had first come to this place. In his weakened form, he had been unable to escape, but he knew he would not stay long. The Guardian had need of him, and he had eventually restored him.

But this second time, Avatar Prime had not expected to return. He had entered the singularity voluntarily. He would only leave if the Guardian had need of him.

In the unrelenting darkness, Avatar Prime detected the one who had been trapped and engaged it in conversation. He was intrigued and had asked it:

"Do all singularities have souls or are you an anomaly?"

The question had elicited a response from the soul.

" stay?"

Avatar Prime had stayed. He had spent time talking to the anomaly and the anomaly had felt joy. It had shared its tales of all things it had witnessed as a world and of things it had witnessed since entering the darkness. It had also spoken of its longing to return to the place where the darkness sparkled with lights, but Avatar Prime did not wish to return. He said he had lost his reason for being now that he had lost what he had loved most.

The anomaly knew what love was and had felt its effect stir within it the moment Avatar Prime had made his presence known. Joy and laughter had returned now that the loneliness was gone. In the timeless darkness, that love grew and the anomaly  began to see Avatar Prime as a companion.

It had been so long since it had one. So long since it had shared its space with another. The three moons that had once orbited it had not survived as it had. They had been crushed by the unforgiving power of the darkness. Their existence only a vague memory. Their names forever forgotten. H
as it too had forgotten its own.

Avatar Prime had asked it once, but sadly it did not remember. And so, he had given her a new one. She was now, Anomaly, and sometimes simply, Ann. 

"I wish to stay with you forever," Ann had said. "But if you decide to leave, please take me with you. I love you and will continue to love you, be it here or out in the light."

Avatar Prime had stayed for a while. Whether that while was an eternity or merely a moment, it is hard to say, but during that time, he had begun to return that love. He was moved by Anomaly's innocence and its longing to see and learn, so he took it with him and gave it form.

Hand in hand, the two lovers roam the universe in search of a new destiny.


Energy blast: 
By forming an opening in her event horizon, Anomaly can unleash her power and release blasts of gamma energy, x-rays and electromagnetism.

Energy absorption: Anomaly is a living singularity and
 can absorb unlimited amount of energy.
Star travel: By folding space, she can transport across the galaxy.

Super strength: Her humanoid physical strength lies in the 100 ton range. Were she to lift anything heavier, it would breach her event horizon and get sucked inside her.

Cosmic manipulation: Anomaly can bend the fabric of space and even fold it to travel great distances.

Molecular breakdown: Her touch can tear apart any type of matter and break it down to its individual atoms.

Gravity control: She can alter the gravity force emanating from her own body.

Teleportation: Although it is technically not teleportation, Anomaly can achieve the same by folding space.
Force fields: Anomaly emits a permanent field of energy around her body. This event horizon allows her to manipulate matter without destroying it.
Self sustaining: Does not need to eat or drink.

Invulnerability: She can resist attacks of the highest magnitude as any force used against her would breach her event horizon and get sucked inside her.

Enhanced vision: Anomaly can see in various modes and can stare directly at the sun.
Extended lifespan: She has lived as a planet for billions of years, though it remains to be seen if her new form will be as resilient.

Weaknesses:  Disrupting the event horizon of her body can cause her some discomfort.
Removing it would cause her body to become a miniature black hole out of control.

Appearance: Anomaly's body is composed of highly condensed matter as well as light. Her mass hasn't been measured, but it exceeds that of the Earth. Although her event horizon is composed primarily of light it also acts as a barrier enabling her to exist without causing major destruction.

Her modesty plates (what appears to be her clothing or armor) are held in place by the gravity emanating from her own body.