Character- Anya Storm
Anya Storm

Created by: Anya Storm

First appearance:
The Azria's evil Plan-...
(Part 1 of 8)

Other picture:
Anya Storm full body

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Real Name: Anya Storm
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
 5 foot 6 inches
Age: 23
Born in: Belgium

Ethical alliance: Good


Anya Storm is a young woman who appeared from nowhere, a few years ago. She controls, generates and commands electricity. Her electricity generation capacity is estimated to be equivalent to 10 nuclear power plants.


Energy blast: She can discharge intense blasts of charged particles in the form of lightning storms. A sustained attack is capable of leveling an entire city. 

Energy manipulation: She controls electricity and can direct it and manipulate it at will.

Force fields: She can also generate an electrified field around her.

Physical resistance: 
She wears a skin tight suit highly resistant to physical attacks.

Speed: She can boost her body and run at speeds exceeding mach 1.

Weaknesses: She possesses a normal human body, susceptible to human frailties.

Water on her torso can temporarily neutralize her powers.