Character- Aradia

Created by: Lawrenz Lano


Art by: Vampireknife777


Real Name: Aradia
Hair: Black
Eyes: Violet
5 foot 8 inches
Age: 1000+
Born in: Italy

Base of operations: Scotland, U.K.

Ethical alliance: Evil


The Baobhan Sith (also pronounced baa'-van shee), were rumoured to have once lived in Scotland. In fact, they still do to this day and Aradia is the oldest of them all.

Aradia was once a powerful witch but as she started getting old, she began searching for ways to stay young forever. She knew that vampires were long-lived but she did not want to become like them. They had too many weaknesses for her liking.

She relocated to Scotland more than 1000 years ago. At that time, vampire activity was high in the region and Aradia decided that she would use that opportunity to study them in order to create a new form of vampire.

Aradia studied how vampires turned people into vampires and tried to understand the undergoing processes. She learned that through their bite, a number of viruses were released into their victims' system causing it to shut down for a time, thus causing death. Once the soul left the body, the viruses revived the body minus the soul.

Aradia used her magic to extract that vampiric viral cocktail and began filtering some of the viruses, creating new forms of extracts. She then tested the extracts on selected victims and studied the results. For all experiments, the victims died and never resurrected but then, success.

The victim's eyes opened, and she let out a shriek. Her body writhed in its restraints, fighting to be set free from the torture it was feeling. Aradia watched as the victim's fingers grew and 6 inch mails jutted out from those hands. The victim stamped the ground trying to shake the pain it felt in its feet as they turned into hooves. And then, silence. The victim stared at her, a predatory look on her face.

"I feel much better now. Please let me out of these chains." She asked of Aradia.

But Aradia was no fool. She knew what the thing before her was. Instead, she decided to talk to her for a time to see how much of her former self was still there.

To her surprise, the creature before her remembered everything of its former life and seemed to be normal in every way, other than her new physical attributes. And where normal vampires would have already shown their need for blood, this one did not. She seemed to bide her time, calculating and waiting for an opportunity. 

Aradia gave her one. She grabbed another victim from one of her cages and brought it to the creature. The creature smiled at the gift presented to her and with one swift stroke, slashed the young girl's throat with one of her fingernails. Before the girl had time to die, the creature closed her mouth on the wound and drank her fill.

"Will you release me now?" The creature said. "You have nothing to fear now that I have feasted."

But Aradia had not finished with her experiments. She took some garlic cloves and thrust it in the creature's mouth. The creature spat it out, but a normal vampire would have been greatly injured. Then came the cross. The creature was unphased by the wooden object before her. Aradia took a mirror and where no vampire could have a reflection the creature did have one.

Aradia took a torch and thrust it in the creature's face. She shrieked in pain as the flames burned her face, but unlike a real vampire who would have burst into flame and ash, the creature still stood there. Hatred in its eyes.

Aradia had one final test to perform. She rolled the platform where the creature was chained, out the door. Into the sunlight. The creature fought to escape before bursting into flames.

Aradia had done it. She had found a way to create a type of vampire whose only true weakness was sunlight. But she had to be sure.

She injected the extracts in numerous victims and even had them turn others into vampires. After each experiment, she destroyed her subjects.

When all the tests proved to be conclusive, she decided that it was time for her to use it on herself. She now knew what she was getting into. She would become immortal, if she avoided the sunlight. She had learned that drinking blood would make her young and she could revel in that youth thanks to her reflection still being there. True that her nails were somewhat long and her feet now hooves, but it was a small price to pay for the benefits that came along.

Aradia took the extract inside her and was reborn. In time, she learned more about what she had become and discovered new powers within her.

She was now the first of her kind. From that day on, her brood would be known as the Baobhan Sith, with her as their queen.


Magic: Aradia is a powerful witch versed in dark magic.

Summoning: Aradia can summon beasts from the netherworld.

 She can appear as a beautiful young maiden or transform into a crow or raven.

Mimic: She is able to mimic both the appearance and supernatural abilities of anyone whose blood she has recently consumed.

Cross-dimensional travel: Using her magic, she can travel to the nether realm.

Natural weapons: Her nails are long, sharp and extremely strong, capable of tearing bone with ease. 

Super strength: She can easily hold down the strongest of men with one hand.

Healing factor: When she drinks blood, her broken flesh is restored.

Weaknesses: Aradia's only weaknesses are to sunlight and holy light whereas Baobhan Sith created by being turned are also vulnerable to holy water and iron. 

The only way to repel or kill a Baobhan Sith is with iron, or by trapping them in their coffin with a stone cairn.

Main antagonists: Wraith  Spell Weaver