Character- Arctica 

Created by: Heroineburgh

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Episodes 6, 13

Episodes 14, 17, 19, 21

Arctica live version


Real Name: Greta Bjornsdottir
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Age: 33

Born in: Iceland

Ethical alliance: Good


Greta Bjornsdottir is a cryogenic physicist at Carnegie Mellon University. She moved to Pittsburgh from her homeland of Iceland. She and her scientist partner, Katrina Spector, later known as Dark Spectra, attempted to create limitless energy using low-temperature superconductors.

The experiment inadvertently opened a portal to another dimension, releasing the villainess Morphia. By coincidence, this event took place concurrently with the bombardment of the dark energy meteor above the city. The bombardment caused the lab to explode.

Greta was bathed in dark energy as well as the low-temp conductors. The combination, resulted in her gaining the power to freeze virtually anything.

Repurposing an old Emma Frost cosplay from her college days in Reykjavík, Greta christened herself, Arctica, and began to test her powers by stopping a crew of bank robbers.

Greta joined the Pittsburgh Heroine League as a charter member. She participated in the initial heroine civil war on the side of the mighty Frija. After the heroines reconciled and pledged unity, Greta served in many adventures with the League, acting as their scientific consultant and battling various super villains.

Arctica also discovered that her cold powers increased her passionate desires for beautiful women in spandex. She made amorous advances on several members of the League but was rejected in turn by each one. She has yet to find her true love, but her best hope is to attract the Celtic heroine Fianna, with whom she has a deep friendship.


Arctica's power involves the manipulation of extreme cold which she can emit from her hands and her lips. She can also turn her skin into ice to make it super tough. Her frosty kiss also has the potential to debilitate an opponent.

Constructs: She can create sheets or blocks of ice across spaces, for example freezing a door shut or blocking a hail of bullets with an ice shield. She has created ice slides, which allow her to propel herself quickly across short distances. She also creates all of her weapons and defenses out of ice.

Elemental blast:  She can shoot chilling ice blasts which can freeze someone in their tracks or drastically lower their body temperature.

Weaknesses: Her normal physique is that of any human, so she can be hurt like anyone. She can be distracted from her goals by a beautiful female in tight clothing.