Character- Armory

Created by: Matthew Becker

Other Picture: Armory full body

Real Name: Dustin Wade Grove
Hair: Black

Eyes: Green
Height: 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 22
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


At 18 Dustin joined the army to follow in his parent’s footsteps and  he graduated in the top 10% of his class. He took his job very seriously trying to make his mother and father proud of him, though, his father was a little more reserved in showing his pride in his son. This brought Dustin to continue to push himself.

He trained to be a combat medic and had many small deployments to countries across the world. When a regional civil war escalated to involve a neighboring UN country, a NATO envoy was sent to secure the border of the UN state. Things went bad very quickly in that country and Dustin’s mother’s unit was called in for the rescue mission but during the engagement, Dustin’s mother and most of her team sacrificed themselves to give the hostages time to escape.

Dustin’s father was one of the overseers of the mission and Dustin blames him for the death of his mother. After the disastrous mission, NATO command gave the order to start pulling out of the region. Dustin was offered to be one of the first to leave, but he refused, and volunteered to stay until the very end. It enabled him to keep his mind off his mother’s death but also to keep away from his father.

2 years later, Dustin and his team were on a patrol in another country as part of a security detail for a US diplomat on a visit but they were ambushed in an IED attack. Dustin was caught in the blast and it blew off his left leg and severely damaged his left arm. Both had to be amputated. He was then sent to a VA medical center to undergo rehabilitation.


Power armor: Dustin has an armored suit he uses for combat. It has a very sleek, but angled military style, designed by Flashfire, which can compact itself into a large back pack. When activated, the armor unpacks and covers Dustin in a full battle suit of high tech poly-carbon fiber mesh and tungsten/titanium plates, with added carbon nanotube muscle enhancers.

It carries various tools and weapons including grapple lines, electric discharge coils, wielding torch, small utility saw and grenades of various assortments. The pack has a holder for the primary weapons and holds the spare ammo for the main gun, and sidearm and extra canisters for the vortex cannon.  The entire suit is neural linked to Dustin so he can control every aspect of it with a single thought including the movement. 

Cybernetics: Dustin has a prosthetic arm and leg designed to mimic the movements of human limbs, and are some of the most advanced prosthetic limbs ever made. Both are bullet proof up to .50 caliber rounds. The arm has a small but powerful vortex cannon in the forearm.

Enhanced vision: The helmet has a fully integrated customizable HUD, with low light, thermal, IR, and electromagnetic vision options.  

Physical resistance: 
The suit can with stand 125mm tank gun rounds.

Energy resistance: The suit is heat resistance up to 3,000 °F, and cold resistant down to -100°F.

Toxin resistance: The suit has a highly advanced pilot preservation system, which can completely seal the suit and can filter toxins and biological agents from the outside air.

Super strength: Simply with his prostetics, Dustin can lift around 600 lbs but his standard armour increases his power to 30 tons. The standard  suit can also be combined to augment-suits. One can boost his power towards the 100 ton range and another, his "beserker" suit, to 1000 tons. 

He also has a 60 meter high Titan suit,  "Jaeger Colossus" which can lift a US navy destroyer.

Weaknesses: Only the life support system and motor-control system are hardened against EMP weapons. Electrical attacks are very effective and can complicate internal systems. The suit is also susceptible to energy and Plasma based attacks.

Paraphernalia: His primary weapon is a special semi-auto selective lethality 12 gauge shotgun.