Character- Destiny

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Destiny full body

Real Name: Ashley Destiny
Hair: Black and Green
Eyes: Pink
5 foot 6 inches (1.70 m)
Age: 17
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Neutral

Sexual preference: Females/males


Ashley has been living on the streets fending for herself since she was very young. She escaped from an orphanage where they had locked her up, believing she had been possessed.

Ashley has sustained her life primarily by stealing wallets from people she felt did not need the money. She lives in an old abandoned library at the boundary of the city. She has no knowledge of her parents or why she has her powers. She tried to avoid contact with people because she fears them and also fears to hurt them.


Telekinesis: She can move objects with her mind but must she have eye contact with them. When she focusses on them, they become covered with a green substance called ectoplasm which enables her to levitate them at will. If the ectoplasm is removed from the objects she loses her control over them.

Intangibility: She can become ethereal and pass through solid objects. 

 She can become invisible and when combined with her intangibility, she becomes virtually undetectable, but there are magical ways of seeing her.

Enhanced vision: She can see the ethereal spectrum and can detect spirits and ghosts on Earth. This power of hers is always active.

By becoming intangible, she can levitate a few feet (24 ft) and travel using her mind. She can reach speeds of around 12 mph.

Energy drain: She can diminish the temperature of a room and lower it to below zero.

Life drain: She can drain the life energy out of people, causing them to physically weaken and if she does not desist, the person can die. However, once released, the vital energy is restored naturally as the victims rest.

Draining the life energy out of people, helps her to recover her own energy and regenerate her body if it hurt. She does not becomes more powerful. It only restores her own energy.


Necromancy: She can also reanimate corpses and have them faithfully obey her. These undead are beings of limited intelligence without personality or knowledge of their former life. They are really strong.

Healing factor: Common weapons can only hurt the surface of her skin but can't kill her. The surface of her skin is sensitive and suffers pain but being pierced by knives or bullets does not make her bleed like everyone else. Her body becomes ectoplasm and closes the wounds on her skin.

Magic: She has an affinity to learn and perform magic.

Power lift: Through telekinesis, she can lift objects of virtually any weight but the size of the object is limited to the amount of ectoplasm she can produce, usually no more than enough to cover a small van. Taking size in consideration, the maximum amount of weight she usually lift is around 20 tons, though she could lift more, depending on the density of the object.

Weaknesses: Her body is suscepible to attacks from magic, magical weapons and various energy attacks. Poisons and gases may also have an effect on her. 

 She is still in the process of refining her skills.