Character- Biomass

Created by: Ken Merritt

Other Picture: Biomass full body

Real Name: Dianna Sureshai
Hair: Eburnean (Ivory white)
Eyes: Eburnean (Ivory white)
Age: 28
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil


Dianna was a typical young woman no different from anyone, until one night while on a date with her boyfriend Jack, they witnessed a meteorite fall to earth. Dianna pleaded with him to simply let the glowing rock be, but curiosity got the better of him and when Jack touched the fallen star, a blinding light enveloped the two.

Dianna tried to call out to Jack, but all she could do was whisper his name.

Hours later, she awoke and Jack was gone. The meteorite was gone as well. She found herself alone and naked. She was terrified but above all, she was hungry.

It happened the first time with a stray cat, it was delicious, then the cattle, a man walking his dog, then the dog. Feed, feed, feed and grow. The more she consumed, the more the need to consume. Then came her friends and family. Then, the whole town.

They were delicious. She tasted their memories as she pulled them screaming into her. She now knew what they knew and made them and their knowledge a part of her.

She had become something new, and as a result, the world tasted sweeter than it ever had. No longer Dianna, she had become Biomass.

She fed and fed until no one was left, then came the pain.

From above, the fire rained. Upon her it fell, unleashing the screams of her composites.

Must protect self. Become hard as stone, fireproof. Sleep until the fires die. Sleep, sleep, sleep...

Time to wake. The hunger calls. Soon it would be time to feed again.


Molecular manipulation: Being an embodiment of matter itself, Biomass can manipulate all matter on a molecular level.

Hyper-evolution: In the case of organic matter, sentience in particular, all the memories and knowledge of the victim she metabolises are acquired, as well as any special abilities that they may possess.

Regeneration: Biomass can fully regenerate from a single living cell by feeding on nearby matter.

Shape shifting/Size changing: She can shift her form to whatever the situation require.

Constructs: When she metabolizes a new substance, she can instantaneously replicate and manipulate it's sub atomic properties.

Possession: Biomass can enter a person's bloodstream on a microscopic level and infect them, turning them into a temporary drone until they can be fully absorbed into her main mass.

Symbiotic: Dianna has become akin to a force of nature, a composite creature whose central index is composed of any matter she absorbs.

Super strength: Her strength is directly proportional to the amount of raw matter she has fed on, so it could become extreme. However, if she has lost mass, she will will lose strength.

Weaknesses: Being an embodiment of matter itself, Biomass is susceptible to most forms of intense energy and can, though not easily, be reduced in mass and potentially contained but never truly stopped.

Dianna is the central presence of Biomass and her personality is by far the most dominant. Her connection to her humanity is her ultimate weakness. She doesn't want to hurt anyone but cannot help herself.

Appearance: Biomass usually appears as a naked version of Dianna's form wrapped in viscous ivory muculent. She is all but colorless and appears to float as if in a body of water inside a large clear globule of Plasma.