Character- BlazeWing

Created by: Will Ashford (JayMUY)

Other Picture: BlazeWing full size

Real Name: Aiden Gilmore
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Orange
 6 foot 3 inches
Age: 26
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Aiden was the son of the wealthy business man, Kevin Murphy. Kevin was often targeted by terrorists because of his high status when it came to the wealthy ans so,to protect his son, he sent him to a foster home to remove him from being a possible target. After spending years in the foster home, Aiden was eventually adopted by Victoria Gilmore, an anatomist for the criminal organization AME.

As Aiden aged, AME began experimenting on human subjects to create superhuman agents with the ability to manipulate the element of Fire, Water, or Air. After many past failures, AME saw their best hope of 
creating this kind of agent, in Aiden.

The experiment seemed a success, but during Aiden's final treatment, he literally imploded, spreading fire throughout the laboratory. Amidst the confusion he escaped the clutches of the AME.

After wandering the streets for a week, Aiden was approached by a man in a fashionable suit. Sick, tired, and somewhat depressed, Aiden opened up to the man and told him his story. The suited man offered him a spot in the Guardian Program. Aiden accepted the offer, and was trained as a special agent. Now, Aiden fights alongside the brave men and women who seek justice globally, and universally.


Pyrokinetic: He can manipulate and control fire.

Fire blast: Can release and project blasts of fire. 

Enhanced vital: Although not super human, his vitals like strength, endurance and reflexes have been enhanced by the serum he was administered.

Flight: He uses a pair of jet boots to get around.

Healing factor: His body possesses a higher than normal recuperative ability.

Weaknesses: If somehow covered in water (out of his suit) his pyrokinetics are pretty much useless until he can find a new source of fire to use as energy.

He cannot drink alcohol.(Although he doesn't really see that as a weakness.)

Although it wouldn't be easy, mentalists could control him.

Paraphernalia: Aiden does use weapons but alarge majority of them are non-lethal. His most used are a pair of VocTech non-lethal handguns. These pistols can fire Tazer rounds, as well as .45 ACP ammo for lethal purposes.

His weapon used for long range is a VocTech Smart Rifle. This rifle fires a heavy, high voltage Tazer dart that is capable of taking down a 7000 kg Elephant in one shot.

For close range, BlazeWing uses an Archer Energy Sword, which is only used in extremely hostile situations.