Character- Blitzkrieg

Created by: Darrell San

Other Pictures: Blitzkrieg full body

Real Name: Fritz Weiss
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6 foot 4 inches
Age: 94

Born in: Germany

Ethical alliance: Good


Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Fritz Weiss was selected as a candidate for Hitler's super-soldier program. The experiment was successful and Weiss found he now had enhanced abilities.

Hitler had plans for an an entire army of such soldiers, however, Allied saboteurs assassinated the program's lead scientists and destroyed much of the data.

Weiss was given a costume and a shield in the red,white and black motif of the Nazi flag. Given the nickname "Blitzkrieg" he was touted as a symbol of German superiority.

During his 4 year career, Blitzkrieg fought on the side of the Axis powers. He battled Allied soldiers and assassinated legitimate military targets. He was a soldier doing his duty on the battlefield, unaware of the true nature and the hidden horror that was being perpetuated by the same people he believed in. 

It was during a mission in northern Russia that Blitzkrieg was allegedly killed.

The Germans had heard rumours that the Russians had been working on their own super soldier and it was this soldier who had taken on Blitzkrieg. The battle was brutal and fierce but Blitzkrieg had the advantage. He pressed on the attack and was about to defeat his opponent, but his enemy had one more trick up his sleeve.

Blitzkrieg recoiled in horror as his enemy revealed his true nature. The Russian had indeed their own super soldier, however, that soldier had not come from human stock. The being before him was not of this Earth and as he took on his true form, he expelled a substance at his enemy. 

Blitzkrieg tried to fight his way out of the quickly hardening substance but failed to free himself. Like a mosquito trapped in amber, Blitzkrieg was lost to the world. His enemy took the hardened amber shell, threw it down a shaft and blasted the cliff above it. Buried under the rubble, Blitzkrieg was left to spend eternity.

Thankfully, the eternity only lasted thirty years and in 1975 his body was found during an excavation. As the man inside was chiselled out, his body reanimated, to everyone's dismay.

Germany and the world had gone through many changes in thirty years and the man who had been Blitzkrieg learned the truth about the war he had believed in. Atrocities had been committed. Heinous things done in the name of racial purity. That was not what he had fought for. It was supposed to have been a war, not a slaughter. And for the first time, he was ashamed of what he had done.

But his people remembered different. They remembered the patriot and the true hero he had been. He had fought the war as a soldier not as a monster and for that, there would be no trial for his crimes, for his were justified.

It took some time, but after adjusting to the modern world, Blitzkrieg decided to resume his role as a super soldier. This time he would side with West Germany, fighting against the spreading forces of communism and terror.

To show that he was indeed a new man, Blitzkrieg traded the black swastika symbol for a black lightning bolt, but not everyone has forgiven him. Many are suspicious of his true intent and many still see him as a reminder of Germany's Nazi past and want nothing to do with him.


Super strength: Blitzkrieg can lift heavy objects. He can lift or turn over an automobile from the ground but cannot lift it over his head. He can lift approx 1200 lbs over his head and can move, drag, turn over close to 4000 lbs.

Enhanced vitals: He can run at twice the speed of a normal human and has increased reflexes agility and endurance.

Martial arts: Blitzkrieg has been trained in judo, karate, boxing and wrestling.

He is also a skilled marksman, assassin and saboteur.

Weaknesses: Women! He is often distracted by female enemy agents.

Paraphernalia: Blitzkrieg has a bulletproof shield. He uses several handguns but has no preference. Whatever is handy will do.