Character- Bloodstripe

Created by: Robert Mead

First appearance: Bloodstripe comic 

Other picture: Bloodstrike full body

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Real Name: John A. Gabriel
Hair:  Black (Bald)
Eyes: Green
 6 foot 2 inches
Age: 26
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Corporal Gabriel and his squad were infected by a highly advanced biological weapon virus while on a mission to eliminate the leader of the Disciples terrorist organization ( Enoch Al Fassar).

The virus unlocked latent abilities in Gabriel imbuing him with the power of the Blood-Stripe and making him the living spirit of the Marine Corps.

The full extent of Bloodstripes abilities have yet to be revealed. What is known is he is able to physically adapt to overcome any given situation as needed to accomplish his mission.
The 8 years of elite tactical military training he received as a Force Recon Marine have been magnified beyond the scope of human understanding. He can see and exploit weaknesses in his enemies and create the most efficient weapons to deal with any tactical situation.
It is believed that his powers are a direct result of his infection with the Weaponite Virus, which was created by the Laughing Man. Its purpose; to evolve its host into the deadliest possible killer, stripped of free will and obedient to him and him alone.


Adaptation: His ability to adapt allows him to create weapons as a counter adaption to exploit enemy weakness's.  He can run around 80 miles an hour, his baseline speed, but can boost his abilities by adapting. He becomes what he needs to be to overcome what ever obstacle he must.

Enhanced intelligence: His intelligence is above average, below genius. His power the tactical Edge ( Blood-stripe ) imbues him with the knowledge of every warrior past and present and acts a danger sense, allowing him to forsee and account for countless tactical variables during combat, so when he is fighting it's almost like he already knows the outcome and how to get to the best result. 

Accuracy: Bloodstripe is a marksman with a all types of weapons.

Super strength:
He has a 40 ton baselined strength.

Military training:
Any weapon he wields he uses at master level without any prior training. He can adapt and weaponize himself to deal with any tactical scenario. He can boost his abilities and create weapons to deal with specific threats.

Physical and energy resistance: His body's adaptive resistance allows him to resist most physical and energy attacks. 

Weaknesses: He is bound to a sacred oath by the bood of his fallen brothers. He must obey the oath and follow the orders of superiors as long as they are just. He also suffers from PTSD ( Post tramatic stress disorder).

Paraphernalia: Always wears 3 dog tags around his neck.