Character- Bloodwing

Created by: Chris V

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Bloodwing Profile picture

First appearance: Victory #1

Real Name: Charles R. Huntington
Hair: Gray
Eyes: Brown
 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 68
Born in: New York, USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Charles Huntington had it all, wealth, family, success, but, it still wasn't enough for the young billionaire. He felt he needed to make a difference. He needed a challenge. He thought his life, working in the family business, Huntington Industries, was going to be completely bore. Then one day, he met his hero, Americanman who was preventing an assassination attempt on the Huntington family.

Since that day, Charles trained his body and mind to become as formidable as his idol. After years of training, he mastered an array of martial arts and while in college, majored in criminalogy. After graduation, Charles started his career as a crime fighter and took the name, Bloodwing.

Since starting his new career, Bloodwing has faced countless villians, most notably The Lunatic, Lizard-Man, and Mistress Cobra. While patrolling in Hell's kitchen, Bloodwing has seen many people less fortunate than he was. It affected him so much that in his civilian identity, he started a chain of free clinics and soup kitchens all over America.

When Bloodwing's popularity grew, he attended charity organizations and benefits concerts. Then, he finally met up with his hero, Americanman, and teamed up with him a few times before being invited to join the famous, Hero Corp.

Now, Bloodwing feels like he is making a difference. As Charles R. Huntington, he is able to help the community. As Bloodwing, he is able to help the world!


Power suit: He has built his own power augmenting suit, which increases his speed (allowing him to run at 55 mph) and strength, and is equiped with various gadgets as well as a mask that gives him microscopic/telescopic vision as well as night vision. 

Super strength: His suits augments his strength and enables him to lift around half a ton.

Martial arts: He has trained and mastered a variety of martial arts, making him a formidable fighter.

Teleportation: The suit has a built in short-range teleportation device.

Weaknesses: Without his armor, his body is that of a normal human, though his fighting skills more than make up for that shortcoming.