Character- Bonsaï

Created by:  Devin Tuck 

Other Pictures: Bonsaï full body 

Real Name: Avner Edwards
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 21
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Avner Edwards, in every meaning of the label, was a normal guy. 21 years old, studying to become a botanist at the University of Seattle under the tutelage of his long time mentor and friend: Professor Jon E. Carol.
During an experiment in Professor Carol's greenhouse, Avner tripped over a group of tubes that were in the process of gassing a group of plants with an unstable chemical called Metaboli Adaptium.

Metaboli Adaptium was known for forcing plants to overgrow. The only way plants could do this was by consuming more matter than they needed, or, fusing with other things in the surrounding area. After being exposed to Metaboli Adaptium, Avner's body suffered the same side effect. The only thing around Avner at the time of the exposure was plants. So with his body being forced to grow, he had to mix his DNA with the surrounding plants, thus turning him into a human/tree hybrid. A.K.A Bonsai!

After the transformation, and some painful rehabilitation with the help of his professor and a few out site resources, Avner was able to get his hands on a containment suit that enabled his body to remain in human form and revert to his plant-like state upon will, but this did not come easily. He had to learn to control his body and the powers that came along with it.


Florakinesis: A
vner, being a sentient plant, has the ability to influence the growth patterns of other plants. He can also control them and force them to do his bidding. He can also sprout fruit from his hands. Red fruits explode and are poisonous to eat. Yellow fruits melt, and are poisonous to eat. Green fruits are healthy, have healing properties and are delicious.

He can also use any plant or group of plants as an extension of his own body and fuse them together to create a giant being.

Biological acceleration: 
If Bonsai "willed" it, a 150 year old sequoia tree could revert back into a tiny seed. An acorn could sprout into a 100 foot tall evergreen tree in a matter of moments.

He can also make plants grow in virtually any environments, presumably by sprouting dormant seeds. In deserts, he can grow cactii, in the sea, seaweed, etc...

Transform: He can alter between his human or plant form or a combination of both.

Healing factor:
He can root himself to the ground and photosynthesize like any other plant to heal his wounds.

Levitation: He can levitate his body by sprouting roots that raise him to new heights.

Migration: Avner also has the ability to allow his physical being to be absorbed into a plant and utilize the root system between plants to travel to various places in the world. (i.e. from bush roots to grass roots to tree roots at the beach, extending the tree roots far enough to reach water, and transfer himself to kelp and seaweed, to travel across the ocean, etc).

Stealth: He can go virtually undetected by radar because of his plant-like state emits no heat signature. 

Physical resistance: Bonsai can create a  "heavy pinecone armor" around his body to protect himself from various attacks.

Poison immunity: He is able to filter out of his system any biological poison generated by plants, or animals.

Super strength: He possesses enhanced strength enabling him to lift inthe vicinity of 2 tons.

Bonsai's weaknesses are few, but extremely important. First and foremost, extreme heat. Under extreme heat, Bonsai is nearly helpless. The water in his plant veins evaporates and he can no longer grow or keep himself hydrated, thus rendering his plant powers useless. He can only slightly subdue this effect by donning his pinecone armor. It does not stop the process, only slows it.

This must not be mistaken for fire. Fire cannot set a living plant on fire because of the water in the plants veins. Heat is able to evaporate and cripple the plant.

Bonsai's second weakness is carbon. Plants absorb carbon to create energy for themselves in exchange for creating clean oxygen. With an absence of Carbon, Bonsaï reverts back to an average human being.