Character- Boom Girl
Boom Girl

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

First appearance:
Comic book series Il Pacificador

Other Pictures: Boom Girl full body

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Real Name: Jennifer Molina
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Goldenrod
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Age: 17
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Good


Jenny doesn't remember her parents. All she knows is that, as a child, they abandoned her. She later was adopted but her new life didn't turn out any better.

When she discovered her abilities, she, like the majority of gifted youngsters, hid her powers from the general public, but when the Peacemaker showed up, she decided that it was time to join his fight.

She would hide no longer.


Size changing: She can grow to a maximum of 98 feet.

Agility: Despite her size, she is quite quick. Her training sessions with the Peacemaker increased her stamina and fighting skills but she only uses non lethal techniques.

Physical resistance: Her resistance to physical attacks increases somewhat as she grows.

Super strength: Her strength increases slightly with her size.

Weaknesses: She must be wary of when she uses her powers because her regular clothes don't grow.

At full size, she's even more vulnerable to powerful attacks. In the words of Biorisk, "she's just a big target".

At normal size she has the normal strength and human weaknesses.

Paraphernalia: She has a special suit that grows when she does. It is remote control activated.