Character- Brightmind

Created by: Rodney Lockett 

Other pictures:

Art by Joe de Santos

First appearance: 
Iron Gate Universe #7  

Real Name: Emery Spahr
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Age: 36

Nationality: USA

Ethical alliance: Evil

Emery was a brilliant scientist but unfortunately for mankind, her services were given to the highest bidder. It was when she was working with a new laser that converted high intensity light waves from the sun that her life changed. The new laser would be able to cut thru anything but the energy it generated was extreme, so she had developed a suit to help protect her from its effects.

As she diverted the sun's power into the laser, she realized she would need to absorb more of the sun's light than the computer allowed her to do. She would need to shut off the safety protocols to increase the conversion rate. Only then would she have something that could rival the power of the sun itself.

What she had not anticipated was that the computer she was using had a back up feature designed to protect the property owners' interests and alerted them when safety protocols were turned off.

When she reached critical levels and an explosion became imminent, the computer searched for a safe place to hold and harness this power. Unfortunately for the good doctor, her suit was the perfect fit and the computer dumped all the excess power into the suit in order to contain the explosion.

The suit did contain the explosion but Emery's body was ravaged by it. After the blast, all that remained was her skeletal structure. Her head, which had been more isolated and better protected, suffered less exposure. Still, only her brain and eyes survived while the rest of her body had been converted to light.


Enhanced intelligence: Brightmind is a genius and has harnessed part of the power of the sun.

Light projection: Her suit is clear and at times when she is using her powers it is almost impossible to look at her without being temporally blinded.

Flight: Brightmind incorporated flight jets in her suit to give her the ability to fly. She can achieve flight by releasing ionized energy and can reach a speed capable of reaching escape velocity, around 25000 mph.

Energy blast: She can shoot lasers of pure heat and light

Weaknesses: It is believed that she might require being in sunlight to recharge her power after a time but that has not been confirmed yet. She may have absorbed enough power to last her a lifetime. Also, s
he must remain in her suit to stay alive.

Paraphernalia: She wears a special suit that is near indestructible and contains her power.