Character- Cassandra Course
Cassandra Course

Created by: Cedric Hood

Other pictures: 
                 Cassandra Course full body

Real Name: Cassandra Course
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 170
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Cassandra, daughter of two slaves, was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, during the 1850's. She was mysteriously murdered when the slaves of a plantation house revolted against their owner.

Cassandra's father buried her body near a tree that the slave master, Joseph McCready, had imported from Africa. He claimed that the tree had originated in the Garden of Eden but whether it had or not, that tree did indeed have special properties because days after her burial, Cassandra miraculously rose from the dead.

The newly risen Cassandra, however, was not the same girl she had once been. Her new body was endowed with super strength, speed and durability. Cassandra now had the means to free herself and her fellow slaves, but before she could put her plan into motion her father dissuaded her from doing so. He made her promise him to stay hidden from society. He feared that her powers would inadvertently bring about a bigger race war if people started to believe that more blacks would be born with these powers. He told her that if the slaves were to be free, they would have to fight for that freedom.

Her father partook in a slave revolt and was hung for his role in it.

Cassandra escaped to the North where she chose Newark, NJ, as her home away from the hell she was raised in. She stayed hidden and forged a social security card. She became a middle school science teacher for a time, before faking her death.

She took on numerous new identities so no one would know her secret. Cassandra was moving up in age, but she still looked as young as ever.

In 2001, during the NY terrorist attack, Cassandra revealed herself to the world during a heroic act of bravery. She then joined the United States Special Forces.


Enhanced vitals: Due to the mysterious tree she was buried under, it is believed her body is somewhat plant like. Her body is compacted with chlorophyll like substance around her muscles and she is strongest at night. It seems her cells are like a fungus and her skin is sensitive to the light, similar to someone with photodermatitis. Her bones are more hollow so her muscles have more space to grow. If she is hurt, she needs to be near a water source, preferably sea salt. Her unique physiology have affected her speed, strength and durability.

Super strength: Her enhanced muscles give her super strength and she is able to lifts loads weighing around 8 tons.

Healing factor: Her plant-like body has increased regenerative abilities, allowing her to heal at an accelerated pace.

Speed: Her speed becomes a problem as she nears 450 mph. The amount of friction created at that speed causes her clothes and shoes to burn off. The military built her a suit that can withstand extreme fiction and heat.

Weaknesses: Her body is resilient but is still be damaged to most forms of attacks. Chief among these are; radiation, large artillery strikes and weapons, acid, lasers, etc.