Character- Cassandra Storm
Cassandra Storm

Created by: Jennifer Storm

Other Pictures:
          Cassandra Storm full body

First appearance: 
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: Cassandra Storm
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 6 inches

Age: 28
Country of Origin: United Territories of America (alternate USA)

Ethical alliance: Good


Cassandra is the daughter of Steven and Kelly Storm, two former heroes who fought crime in the sixties and seventies. Fighting under the mantles of Ice Storm and Lady Thunder, their secret lives as heroes took a back seat when Kelly became pregnant. In order to provide for their new family, Steven focused on his technology company, Storm Tech. Eventually, Crey Industries bought them out, but it set the family up with very large fortune.

At six, when Cassandra started to exhibit tell-tale signs of super powers, it became apparent that her parents’ altered genes had been passed down to her. In response, they took it upon themselves to train her to control her emerging abilities.

As she grew older, Cassandra displayed other untapped potential, mentally and physically. In order to give their daughter the best chance to develop, her parents enrolled her in a private boarding school where she, as well as other young heroes, learned to hone their mental and physical abilities.

At eighteen she was accepted into Harvard as a full time student, having already completed a good portion of her college degree while in high school. Her schooling was cut short however when her world was attacked and the entire planet was sent into a state of emergency.

It was only after the invaders were repelled that Cassandra made it back home. Upon returning, she opted to stay and help rebuild the city that had been infested with crime.

During that time it was discovered that Countess Crey and Crey Industries were involved in criminal activity. Once the Countess was brought up on charges, it opened the door for Cassandra to buy her family’s company back.


Cryokinetics: Her ability to make ice is determined by the amount of moisture present in the air. This makes using her ice manipulation abilities under extreme heat conditions very difficult.

Extended lifespan: A side effect of her ice manipulation is that it slows down the aging process of her cells, similar to someone placed in cryostasis. 

Weather control/Aerokinesis: Her control over the weather enables her to create small localized storms to larger more destructive ones. The larger the storm, the more difficult it is for her to control. Her power levels suggest that she could create a category 5 hurricane, but controlling it after it is released would be extremely difficult.

Super strength: In addition to her ice and storm powers, she also has super strength measured around lifting up to 2 tons.

Physical resistance: She has shown to be resistant to most small arms fire.

Flight: Using winds to lift and propel her, Cassandra can fly at speeds reaching 200 mph.

Enhanced intelligence: Cassandra also has a genius level intellect, allowing her to adapt and understand a very board range of subjects. It is still undetermined whether this is part of her mutation or a natural talent.

Weaknesses: Excessive heat can affect her cryokinetics.