Character- Cry Fowl
Cry Fowl

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: Cry Fowl full body

First appearance: 
All Winners Society #3 (Forthcoming) 


Real Name: Kamanu
Hair: N/A (has feathers)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6'4"
Age: 180

Born in:  Haiti

Ethical alliance: Evil


Kamanu was born in 1838 in Haiti. While still a teenager, he was taken from his homeland by slave traders and brought to New Orleans where he was sold into slavery. 

He missed his home and his family but most of all he missed his freedom. As a believer in Vodou, later known as Voodoo, he decided to call onto the Patron deity of Liberation and Slavery, the Demi-goddess Marinette. 

He decided to do a ritual to summon her and plead for her help. He managed to find all the ingredients and items he needed to perform the ritual, but since he couldn't find a black rooster, he used the dark brown one he had. He hoped Marinette would not notice. He was wrong.

Marinette appeared and asked Kamanu what he wanted. He told her he wanted the power to free himself from his chains and free others like him. Marinette, seeing that his request was selfless, agreed to help him but as she was about to grant him his wish, she noticed the brown rooster. She cursed herself for having been duped. She had given her word to one who had insulted her. If Kamanu thought he was going to get away with this effrontery, he was sorely mistaken. Marinette may have given her word but she was still the one with the power. 

She told him to concentrate on what he needed to free himself and his peers. Kamanu concentrated on his arms. He needed strong arms to break his chains. He also concentrated on his legs. With strong legs he could run and flee those who would hunt him. Last, he wanted his voice to be strong, powerful. A voice that would stir the hearts of slaves and unite them into fighting for their freedom.

Marinette smiled as she granted him his wish. Kamanu did not. He screamed as the pain took him. As his arms and legs swelled with strength, he could feel the power burn through his flesh and his bones. His throat too was burning. It felt like it was on fire, so he ran to a stream to quench that fire. 

As he knelt by the shallow water, he saw his reflection. The face that stared back at him was not his own, it was that of a black rooster. He could hear Marinette laughing as she faded away. He thought he had tricked her, but she had had the last laugh. 

Kamanu screamed in despair. What had he done? How could he save himself now or his people? He was a monster...and...he was flying. He found himself floating above the ground. Below him, a part of the stream was blown off. Had he done that? He screamed once more, partly from fright, partly to test a theory. 

As his sonic scream blasted the ground and the force of the impact pushed him up even higher, he understood what had happened. Marinette may have punished him for his audacity but she had still given him what he had asked of her. Granted, his new look may have been unfortunate, but he was now able to save his people.

In the years that followed Kamanu used his powers to free himself and others. He continued his faith in the Voodoo practices and later found a ritual for long life which he uses to this day. He became a wanted man and was hunted for years but he also became a legend to his people. 

And while many slavers cried foul when he showed up to take away their slaves, he would continue to remind them that it was they who had begun this immoral market. Now it was his turn to make things right. It was his turn to Cry Fowl.

After slavery was abolished, Kamanu found himself without a purpose and although many still thought of him as a hero, the majority of people did not. As time went on, he became an outcast unable to integrate in society. His only means of getting by was by stealing food to survive. He eventually turned to a life of crime and ultimately united with others who were as unfortunate as he was. 


Sonic scream: He has sonic scream powerful enough to destroy most man made structures.

Flight: Directing his sonic scream towards the ground gives him lift and sends him flying. 

Extended lifespan:
 Kamanu has continued to study Voodoo and has learned how to extend his life.

Super strength: His arms have been strengthened to the point where he can easily break chains.