Character- Cyber Queen
Cyber Queen

Created by: LadyDreamMaker

Other Pictures: Cyber Queen full body

Real Name: Samantha Arleth
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
5 foot 7 inches (1.75 m)
Age: 26
Country of Origin: USA

Ethical alliance: Good

Sexual preference: Females/males


Samantha was born in the poorest and most dangerous area of the city. Her mother was a teacher and her father worked in a garage in the mornings and evenings tended his own electronic shop. From a young age Samantha was interested in her parent's professions and often helped her father with his repairs.

Outside of home, the neighborhood kids were somewhat abusive, but Samantha learned to defend herself and  others. Her parents often scolded her when she came home bruised and wounded by the constant fight, but over the years Samantha had built a reputation and no one really bugged her anymore. It was a  difficult life but she was happy and optimistic. Then, 
when she was 12, came the day that would change her life.

An alien ship  had crashed near the city and the government quickly took possession of it. Samantha and her family were near the point of impact when this happened. They were in the midst of chaos, but unlike most fleeing, they remained helping the injured. Samantha had ventured near the ship and had seen a crack in its hull. Her curiosity won out and she went inside and as she explored the alien ship, Samantha found its occupants but the orange skinned aliens were all dead.

A sound got her attention and she noticed a capsule with a flashing light. Again, the curious child pressed the button. A hissing sound was all she heard, but her life would never be the same again. She had just been infected with bio-bots.

As she tried to escape the ship, Government men in lab coats grabbed her and for the next 5 years of her life Samantha was held captive at the research center.

What happened during those five years has not yet been revealed or how Samantha managed to escape, but when she did, her first stop had been to find her parents.

The city she remembered was in worst shape than when she had left. The poverty and insecurities were the worst they had ever been, but as she searched through the chaos,
 she never found any trace of her parents.

She decided that she would do what she could to better the quality of life in her city and for the next four years she hunted down all the alien technology she could find and built her own laboratory. The alien technology was useless for those who did not know its secrets, but with the help of the bio-bots in her body she had no difficulty learning all she needed. She became known as Cyber Queen.

She now works in her private laboratory and sells its technology to those willing to protect the planet. The money she earns is used to improve the life of her city.


Power armor: Her armor is of alien origin and it is composed of an alloy called Arlethium. It is connected to her body via the bio-bots. The armor can withstand gun fire, missiles, tanks bomb blasts and extreme temperatures. The armor also has an energy feeder that bio-bots use to dispense Samantha power, allowing her to use her skills and armor more freely.

Energy blast: The armor allows her to generate different energy attacks like electricity from her hands or even her entire body. From her fingers, various laser attacks can be emitted like heat laser, freezing laser or mini flamethrower. 

Energy fields: She can block energy attacks by generating an energy field.

Flight: The wings on the armor are an anti-gravity generator that allow her to float in the air. There are also have a couple of small thrusters which, in conjunction with her boot drive, can enable her to reach speeds of 1000 mph.

Symbiotic: Samantha's body has been infected by alien bio-bots and the two have now become one.

Repair factor: 
Bio-bots are responsible for keeping her body in the best possible shape and will repair any physical damage she receives. 

Regeneration:  The bio-bots are even able to rebuild entire limbs, although this kind of repairs require a lot of energy.

Toxin resistant: Her immune system is enhanced to a degree that there is no virus or biological bacteria in the world can infect her nor can poisons and chemical weapons but strangely enough, alcohol can.

Enhanced intelligence: By joining with her, the bio-bots have increased their own intelligence and abilities but have also enhanced Samantha's as well. 

Phychic resistance: The bio-bots within her body also inhibit psychic attacks.

Weaknesses:  The bio-bots need energy which they drain from Samantha so, when she uses their abilities, she needs to eat much more than as  normal person in order to build her own energy. Failing to do so, would put her in a coma and without food, the bio-bots could die.

Arlethium is susceptible to many different types of energy, hence the need of the fields of energy it can generate. Cosmic energy is one of its main weaknesses.

If Samantha were to receive an inordinate amount of damage, the bio-bots would shut down the armor in order to attend to repair the body.

An energy overload could stop the bio-bots, leaving Samantha's body vulnerable until they rebooted.

Somehow, the bio-bots are unable to counteract the effects of alcohol.

The bio-bots are able to remove organic micro threats, but are susceptible to sufficiently powerful or aggressive computer viruses. 

While its energy reserve increases with the armor's energy feeder, the reserve is not infinite and can be drained, leading the bio-bots to rely on Samantha's own energy.