Character- The Dark Priest
Dark Priest

Created by: Domestic Vamp

Real Name: Ghenna
Hair: None. Has a bizarre alien carapace 
Eyes: Red
 6 foot 1 inches
Age: Over 700 years old
Born in: Amidst Chaos

Ethical alliance: Evil


Ghenna is an envoy of the Nightmares, alien entities that feed on the souls of countless beings. In his travel across dimensions, he has finally found the perfect planet from which to extract souls: Earth.

Now, he intends to do what the envoys do when they find consumables planets for their masters; absorb the souls of all its inhabitants and turn them into lifeless puppets.

With his magic spreading around the planet in a disturbing red mist and marking his victims, he will slowly steal the souls of men, and if there is no one to stop him, this mark will destroy the infected.

The day of judgement is upon us and with the time of the gods coming, the Dark Priest has risen.


Spiritual energy: He can use his own soul or the the souls collected by his mark in different ways. He can create spells, monsters, traps and weapons, depending on the number of souls in his possession. The souls are an unlimited source of magic power, but the Dark Priest cannot control all that power. He uses the spiritual magic wisely in his battles, because he values the souls that he takes and doesn't want to lose them in the process.

Super strength: By combining his speed and strength with his spirtual magic et can lift around 80 tons.

Flight: Using magical boosting, he can reach speeds of Mach 1.

Physical and energy resistance: He can resist all types of attacks, although he does take some of the damage. 

Cross-dimesional travel: The Dark Priest travels across dimensions to find the souls he seeks.

Weaknesses: The Dark Priest doesn't have total control over the souls in his possession because by trying to dominate such a powerful source of energy he also risks his own existence.

Without his souls powers, the Dark Priest isn't as formidable. His own soul is still very powerful and he does have formidable speed and strength but the power he displays from his collection of souls is really what sets him apart.

Ironically, the only thing that can hurt him mortally is the same spiritual magic he uses.

His true weakness is his own HEART, or what humanity calls a heart, the part of him that controls, organizes and distributes his own soul. Pierce Ghenna's heart, and he is finished. But that wont be easy.