Character- Darqueen

Created by:  Joanne Fabrick

Other Picture: Darqueen full body 

First comic book appearance:
Guardians of Creation #1


Real Name: Olivia Norton
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height:  4 foot 5 inches
Age: 33

Country of Origin: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Olivia Norton was a highly successful research scientist. She was paid well, lived lushly....and was extremely bored. Her medical research yielded high profile drug after high profile drug but she started to wonder if her research could lead to something more arcane than scientific.

She began to study darker subjects and the power of death intrigued her. She even learned that some had actually managed to obtain a certain control of that dark power through various means. Some had through magic, others through demonic pacts or even ancient artifacts. But she was a person of science, was there a way to achieve the same through that medium?

Apparently, there had been a way but it had taken her years of secret study and research to find it. She had managed to concoct it, the perfect serum and now, supremely confident in the result, she injected the perfectly calculated dose.

As she had expected, there was pain. Unimaginable pain but she embraced it as it burned through her veins. It was running through her, changing her. She glimpsed her reflection in the mirror. It flickered between her own natural beauty and that of a death mask. A dark mist began to exude from her pores and she felt herself fade into darkness.

Hours later, she awoke and climbed to her feet. She flexed her fingers and felt the power straining to be let loose. So she let it.

The darkness expanded and engulfed everything around her. She had done it!
She had managed to gain control of that elusive power. Now it had become a part of her. All she needed now was time to understand it better. When she did, she would grow more powerful.

She eventually learned to use it to heal but also to kill. Darqueen was born.


Dark energy: Darqueen can control a dark force linked to the darkness. She can use it to conceal herself, blend into shadows and also to travel. The darkness can also be used to tap into someone's life force.

Teleportation:  She can move through the shadows and emerge distances away. 

Invisibility: Hiding in the shadows causes her to become invisible.

Healing: By enveloping two people in her darkness, Darqueen can heal one person by draining the life force from the other.

Life drain: By enveloping a person in her darkness, Darqueen can drain them of their life force.

Weaknesses:  Extremely powerful bright lights can weaken her dark power.