Character- Dingo

Created by: Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: Dingo full body
First appearance:
 IronGate Universe #5


Real Name: Sherman Dalton
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6 foot 2 inches 
Age: 36
Country of origin: Australia

Ethical alliance: Evil


Sherman was a sniper working for the Australian S.A.S.R (Special Air Service Regiment). He was jailed after killing his entire command, though the reasons he committed this heinous crime have never been revealed. Some suspected that the orders had come from the S.A.S.R itself, but when the authorities apprehended him, the S.A.S.R did not attempt to reclaim him.

Whether it was from a misguided loyalty to his former employer or from a personal sense of duty, Sherman never disclosed the truth about the assignment. Instead, he did his time all the while planning his escape and in time, managed to make it out of the high security facility. Keeping a low profile, he slowly assimilated back into society. 

His notoriety in certain circles placed him back in the spotlight and he was recruited by the Kenadine Organization. Recruited as a deterring henchman, he resurrected his S.A.S.R Code name, DINGO and it wasn't long after that he learned the Kenadine Organization was not only involved in weapons development but also in doing experimental tests to increase the efficiency of their recruits. He was offered the opportunity to be one such subject and so he agreed.

It took several months for the procedures to be finalized and when the project was completed, Dingo became able to dischage electrical current from his body. He enjoyed this new power but after several jobs for the organization, Dingo decided that he wanted out and deserted. The head of Kenadine put out a million dollar contract to have him apprehended. Instead, Dingo returned the head of each assassin sent to kill him with a greeting card and chocolates.

Dingo eventually joined a group in the desert outback named Lords of the Wild. The Lords operated across 73 countries and gained the unwanted attention of the World Law Enforcement (W.L.E). They were all hunted down and killed except for Dingo who somehow survived the sixty-man onslaught.

Dingo's present course of action is to take down the W.L.E.


Accuracy: Dingo is an expert marksman and sniper.

Elemental blast: Dingo's body had been modified to store and release electrical energy. He can discharge electrical current through touch, as well as, through his highly conductive Bowie knives or the blades he wears on his shoulders.

Paraphernalia: Dingo carries two Bowie knives and wears detachable metal blades on his shoulders.