Character- Empower

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

First appearance: 
Infernox anthology #1

Other Picture: Empower full body

Real Name: Leelah Alcorn
Hair: Brown

Eyes: Pink
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 18
Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


Raised as a boy under the name Joshua, it was at four years old that Leelah began to feel that the body she had was not her own. It may have looked like a boy's, but she really didn't feel like one. Even her name sounded strange to her ears so she decided to change it to Leelah, but no one ever took her seriously, especially not her devout Christian parents. They chastised her every time she brought it up and told her to leave girl names for girls.

Feeling trapped in her own body, she fell in and out a varying depressive states. The doctors prescribed her drugs but she knew they would do little. The cause of her pain was rooted too deep within her. It went away for a time but returned with a vengeance and it was only when she was 14 that she finally discovered what it meant to be trans-gendered.

Now everything made sense. She knew who and what she was. She had been born in the wrong body, but thankfully there was a way out. Medical advances made it possible for her to realize her dream. All she needed to do was convince her parents to help her achieve it. It was easier said than done.

Her parents would hear none of it. All they would do is spout scriptures at her and force her to ask the Lord for guidance. She was belittled and discouraged from ever attempting to change herself. But she would not listen. She spent more time reading and talking about the subject, and when she started dressing and behaving like a woman, her parents had had enough.

They took her out of school and cut her off from the outside world. Her phone was taken away, then her computer and finally her friends.

After five months of cruel punishment and depressing loneliness there came a point when  Leelah felt there was no way out. She was trapped with her parents, her body, or what her life had become. Rather that to live this life as the person she was not, she chose suicide.

As she was about to end her life by stepping out into the oncoming traffic, a meteorite crashed on the side of the road near where she was. She debated whether to ignore it and proceed with her plan, but curiosity won out and she went to investigate the rock. When she neared it, it broke apart revealing within it a glowing bracelet of silver and gold.

She reached down to touch it, but before she could, it leaped up and attached itself to her arm. She felt a power within it. It gave her contentment and peace of mind and it offered her the promise to fulfill her dream. 

At that instant, all thoughts of ending her life vanished. She had been given a new lease on life and she would make the best of it. No longer would she be a prisoner. She would be free to live her life as she wanted and it would be a life of adventures.

She turned away from the life she had led, and took a step towards the new one that beckoned.


Power accessory: Leelah gets her power from a bracelet that taps an energy source of magical origin.

Transform: Her bracelet allows her to transform between two different forms; Trapped Form and Released Form.

Her Trapped Form is the body she was born with. It is male, but partially transitioned to female. Her Released Form is a full female version of her true self.

While in her Released Form, she loses the abilities of her Trapped Form but gains new ones.

Martial arts:
Leelah is being trained in various Chinese fighting and self-defense techniques, as well as the basics of street fighting. 

Abilities in her Trapped Form

Telekinetics: She can channel the power of the bracelet with her mind, which allows her to move objects without touching them. 

Mind blasts: She can release psychokinetic blasts to knock her enemies out of the way.

Barriers: She can use her telekinetic powers to form protective barriers powerful enough to resist the kinetic energy of an atomic blast but it cannot block other forms of energy like thermal, radiation, and energy beams.

Energy resistance: Her barriers can suppress the effects of energy attacks considerably. A 4000 degrees flame will only feel like 100 degrees, and energy weapons lose 75% of their force.

Underwater breathing/Space travel: The Barriers can also hold air within them enabling Empower to survive deep underwater and even in the vacuum of space.

Power lift: By using her mind alone, she is able to lift large objects in the vicinity of 15 tons.

Abilities in her Released Form

Her body can withstand almost any form of damage, even those resulting from the force equivalent of a multi-megaton nuclear blast. This ability even extends to her ability to fly in space; however she requires a breathing apparatus over her face.

Flight: She has the ability fly at a top speed of Mach 2. Her flight style is omni-directional, giving her unparalleled levels of manoeuvrability.

Super strength: Her physical strength enables her to lift as much as a small moon and she can channel her potential psychokinetic energy into a punch, which when released, causes shock waves capable of levelling an entire city.

Enhanced reflexes: Her reaction time is increased and she can react 3 times faster than a normal human being.

Weaknesses:  The amount of time she is able to stay in Released Form is limited, with a maximum of allotted time of 8 hours. The more she uses her powers in that form the less time she is able to keep it. At her weakest she can only retain that form for 15 minutes.

The bracelet is self recharging but the time it takes for the task depends on how long it has been in use. If her bracelet has been used for more than five hours, it takes 12 hours to recharge it. On average, however, it can range from 15 minutes to an hour.

Paraphernalia: Magical bracelet that allows her to transform between Trapped and Released forms.

Personality:  Leelah is a quite girl, not shy but not wanting to really stand out in the crowd. She is not very good at making many friends but she has a few very close friends in her fellow heroes.

Due to her strict upbringing, she is very guarded with sharing her feelings and anything too personal.

When she changes into her Released Form her personality changes, she becomes more open, bubbly and extroverted, but also a bit more aggressive which is a side effect of the bracelet.