Character- Escapist

Created by: Sacador de Vuelta

Other Pictures: Escapist full body

Real Name: Luciano Ferrero
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5 foot 8 inches
Age: 27
Country of Origin: Chile

Ethical alliance: Evil


He discovered his natural escaping  ability when he was a still a child, and used it to escape the reform school he had been sent to. Pleased with himself, he decided to test the extent of his escapism. He trained without respite, always pushing himself to the limit. There was no room too small or trap too complex for him to evade. He made this escapism discipline his work and passion.

He started a career in the criminal world but it was his performances on an internet site that got him his fame. That and his fancy costume.


Bullet-Time: He has no super speed but his can eyes can see so quickly that to him, the world moves in slow-motion, which enables him to react faster than normal.

Contortionism: He has exceptional control of every part of his body. He can rotate every joint and can bend his body beyond the normal human maximum, which allows him to escape from really difficult prisons.

Enhanced vitals: His agility, speed and stamina are at the top human capacity.

Stealth: He can move quietly. 

Weaknesses: Although his vitals are enhanced, he still has normal human strength and resistance.

Paraphernalia: He carries hancuffs, chains and padlocks to restrain his enemies.