What's the F.A.Q.


     What will determine my character's level?
     The characters' stats are based on the following criteria; intelligence, strength, travel speed, attack speed,
     energy/magic, durability, combat and power. Depending on what their combination is, a character level will
     be established to situate the character's overall position in the database.

     Since each stat influences the overall level, a character with a 100 rating of a particular stat, for instance,
     may not necessarily find himself situated as high as one would expect if his others stats were sub-par. This,
     by no means, diminishes the character's ability to defeat someone of a higher level. Naturally, a level 50
     character would likely have little chance against a level 80 character but depending on what his strengths
     were, anything is possible.

     How are the character's stats determined?
     The character's individual stats are determined from a chart which the NHD has established. Some stats
     never change, while others depend on a variety of factors. Strength levels are set. Any character who can
     lift 5 tons will automatically get a 38. A character who can teleport automatically gets a 55 in travel speed,
     however, if his teleport range is limited, and he can use another means of travel or can also travel between
     planets or stars, his travel speed will reflect the faster of the speeds.

     Energy/magic is the trickiest since many factors must be taken into account; the type of energy, its source. 
     Is it singled-sourced or multi-sourced? Is it artificial or natural?  Is the source limited or unlimited?

     What do the stats really represent?
 The amount of knowledge one possesses
     Strength-  The amount of weight one can lift
     Travel speed-How fast one gets around under his own power
     Attack speed- The rate of speed at which an attack can be performed
     Energy/magic- The amount of magic or energy one can harness or tap into
     Durability- How resilient one's body is
The fighting skills one possesses 
     Power- The amount of destruction one can inflict in one assault 

     Why is 500 tons considered near-peak strength when some characters can lift much more?
     It is true that some characters can lift much more, but objects over 500 tons tend to be unstable when
     picked up and can break under their own weight, making it harder to accurately measure. For example,
     if a character managed to pick up a ship like the Titanic, which was estimated to be around 26 000 tons,
     he/she would be holding it in one small area or point. The rest of the ship would have no support and would
     collapse. The same would apply were you to try to lift a building or a bridge.

     If, on the other hand, the character had the ability to hold the object together, an exact measure could be
     inferred but since most characters cannot, anything above 500 tons is considered to be the maximum.

     Why were the names of some of my character's powers changed?

     Since some terms were already established by the NHD, they take precedence over any other in order to
     minimize the number of entries in the power list. So instead of having "Quick Healing", "Accelerated Heal"
     or "Self Heal", all go under "Healing Factor". Only completely new powers can make the list.

     Why is my character shown to have an ability i
n the power list but not in his profile page?
     Some abilities are self-evident. There is no need to list "space travel" to a character who already has "star
     travel" as his ability. Other abilities like "Enhanced vision"  or "Enhanced vitals" cover an array of skills so
     there is no need to list them individually as well, but they will be listed in the power list.

 I noticed a power in the power list that should apply to my character, but he is not listed as having it, why?
     The information you provide in your submission form is used to determine what your character's skills are,
     but as time goes by, new abilities make their way into the power list. Although some of them may indeed
     apply to your character, it gets harder for me to remember which characters in my forever increasing list
     may benefit from that new entry. Some are obvious, while others less so. I usually try to enter the obvious
     ones, but in the end, what you have submitted should cover it all.

 My character's abilities or costume has changed since I last submitted them, can you do the adjustments?
     Unfortunately, once the character is finalized, he usually stays as is. Changing a picture is much work since
     not only the profile picture must be changed but all the thumbs throughout the site. The NHD gives you the
     opportunity to display your character, but the responsibility of keeping him up to date is yours. Use the
     link you have provided, so viewers can see the new information or invite them to check it out.

     My character flies. Shouldn't he be also listed in the "Floating", "Gliding" and "Levitation" power list?
     Technically, yes. If you can fly you can do all these things, but since these are main forms of travel, it
     seemed more fitting to show the characters who actually depend on them.

     My character uses no magic or energy attacks, so why does he have a magic/energy rating?
     Energies comes in different forms. Some are active while other more passive. Potential energy is passive
     but it is still energy. In that regard, characters who transform, have psychic abilities or exceptionally strong
     will power, will be listed as having an energy/magic reading.

     I would like to send a character, but I'm not very good at writing character profiles, can I still send them?
     As long as you give a good description of what your character's story is about, the NHD will take an active
     role in the editing process. You will be contacted throughout the editing if we have questions about some 
     issues. You will also be given suggestions on how to proceed if certain aspects of the story need to be

     I have a great idea for a character, but I can't even draw a draft copy to send an artist. What can I do?
There's still hope. I can't draw either but managed to create most of my 31 characters with Hero Machine
     although it has become obsolete, these days.

     Another option is to use the "create a character" feature that many games now have. Once you're done,
     contact an artist to give it life and while you wait, work on the character's background and powers.

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