Character- Finish Line
Finish Line

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other Picture: 

Art by Joe de Santos 

First appearance:
Irongate Universe #8

Real Name: Louis Leclerc
Hair: Black
Eyes: White
Height: 5'7"
Age: 19

Nationality: Born in Monaco

Ethical alliance: Evil


Coming from a long line of professional car racers, and feeling the pressure of keeping up with his famous racing family, Louis knew he had some big shoes to fill. He realized, however, that he wasn't as good as his brothers, and no matter how well he drove, he could never quite finish in the top five. This caused his brothers to resent him somewhat and think of him as a failure. But Louis would not let them deter him. He decided to prove them wrong, even if it meant cheating.

Louis had worked with the mob before, and had many contacts through them. He felt that it was time to use them. Hidden adjustments were made to his car, and inspectors were paid off to overlook certain things. Louis went as far as taking injections of experimental drugs meant to speed up his reflexes and help his endurance.

On race day, Louis was in top shape, and drove the best he ever had. He was beating his brothers, and it looked like he was actually going to win, then something went wrong. His brothers' car clipped his own and sent him into the wall, which in turn caused the car to explode. Louis was bathed in flames, but thanks to his recent injections, his adrenaline went into overdrive. He got out of the burning car and rushed to the emergency teams. He ran so fast that he reached them before they had the time to react.

He was taken to the hospital where his family joined him, but instead of being concerned for his well-being, they were more concerned at the fact that he had cheated. A thorough inspection of the wrecked car had shown that it had been illegally modified.

Disgusted by his family's reaction, he chose to disown them and make changes to his life. He felt that the mob had been more of a family to him than his own had, so decided to use his new gift for their benefit. He became a hit man and took on the name Finish Line.


Speed: Finish Line can run at supersonic speeds, reaching around Mach 2.

Enhanced reflexes: The drugs in his system have quickened his reaction time to the point where he can pluck a fly in midair.

Enhanced vitals: His metabolism and recuperative abilities allow him to run at top speed for more than one hour.

Paraphernalia:  He likes to use knives, and his costume has razors on the top of his head.