Character- Gavin Reynolds
Gavin Reynolds

Created by: Scotty Freefall

First appearance: 
Short Story Battle Royale

Name: Gavin Reynolds
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5 foot 10 inches
Hair: Red

Born in: USA

Ethical alliance: Good


While working the night shift at a car factory, Gavin saw an old lady getting mugged, and as he looked around, saw no one there to help. He took his throwing knives out and dove in to help.

Taking the three men by surprise, he tackled one to the ground and let loose with one of his knives at another. The third and final thug pushed the lady over and drew a gun and shot Gavin in the chest six times before running off.

As Gavin laid there dying, he saw a bright light floating over him. A female voice whispered in his head telling him that she could save his life if she joined with him. Delirious from the blood loss he said yes and they fused.

His savior told him that she was an alien traveler from Marlunia and that she was looking for a heroic soul to join with.

Now armed with great powers, and an alien stuck in his mind Gavin fights crime while trying to keep living his normal life.


Energy manipulation: Light Generation and Control. Able to create a pulse of light so bright it blinds anyone nearby, works like a flashbang. 

Force fields: Can create a forcefield out of light that can handle close range explosives with relative ease. Also can protect against extreme temperatures but for a limited time

Energy blast: Able to produce blasts of photonic energy from his hands with enough force to demolish steel girders.

Optic beam: Can focus a laser from his eyes able to cut through titanium in seconds. (rarely used as it drains him quickly)

Flight: Can reach speeds of Mach 2 but under Belaxia's control can travel between planets.

Summoning: Gavin can give it to the power of Belaxia and have her take control.

Symbiotic: Gavin shares his body with an alien entity called Balaxia.

Under Belaxia's power 

When she takes control of his body, Gavin's powers 
are amplified five times over.

Intangibility:  Can turn  into a being made of light.

Belaxia can utilize special techniques learned in her culture to heal Gavin of any wound other than loss of limbs or death. The time it takes depends on the severity of the injury. She can also heal others of serious injuries.

Shapeshifting:  Can take on various forms.

Space travel: Allows Gavin to travel between planets.

Belaxia tries not to take control too often as each time she does, it gets harder to pull Gavin back and allow him control.

Weaknesses: Has a wife who is also a Paragon, and he will stop whatever he is doing to protect her if need be.

If he uses too much of his power too fast he may pass out.

Needs to stay in control at all times or else the symbiotic presence named Belaxia may take over.

Paraphernalia: Always carries a set of throwing knives on his person.