Character- Golden Leopard 
Golden Leopard

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Mustafa Chadha
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 feet 2 inches
Age: 31

Born in: India

Ethical alliance: Good


Mustafa's ancestors were protectors of their tribes for centuries, but for some reason, the gifts had not been passed down for generations.

At first, the tribe wondered what they had done to upset the Hindu gods, so prayed and worshipped them every day to honor them, but nothing ever came of it. Then, Mustafa and was born with the birthmark of the sacred Leopard.

Mustafa's people worshipped the Daityas, in particular Kumbhakarna, the giant Deity, and Waghoba the tiger/leopard deity, so, they believed that the birthmark was a sign that the gods had blessed them with a protector. 

As Mustafa matured, his parents noticed the cat-like traits becoming more prevalent in their son. The way he ate, ran, and acted, proved to them that Waghoba had given the child gifts. He was trained and taught several fighting styles, focussing mainly on those based on cats.

At sixteen, he took on the mantel Golden Leopard, and swore to be the protector of his people.

It was during an attack on his village, that he learned something new about his gifts. An explosion had weakened a wall, and it was toppling towards the villagers below. Mustafa's adrenalin spiked, but instead of jumping, he grew 30 feet tall, the size of a giant. It turned out that Kumbhakarna had also given him a gift of growing.

The Golden Leopard spends most of his time in India, but he has been known to help the world if needed.


Animal abilities: Mustafa has the inherent characteristics of a leopard, and can run at around 35 mph.  

Size changing: 
He can also grow in size, reaching a height of 35 feet.

Physical resistance:  In giant form, his skin becomes denser and resilient to damage.

Animal attributes: He possesses sharp claws and has heightened animal senses.

Super strength: He also has enhanced strength, capable of lifting 2 to 3 tons.