Character- Gravatara

Created by: Matthew Becker (BlayneDaymon)

First appearance: 
Plans are in place to add her to a work in progress comic book

Other Picture: Gravatara full body

Real Name: Tara Tandon
Hair: Black

Eyes: Violet
Height: 6 foot 1 inches
Age: 22
Born in: India

Sexual Preference: Bi-sexual

Ethical alliance: Good


Tara is the latest descendents in an ancient Indian linage of a Hindu Avatar who is said to have control over the 4 fundamental forces of the universe.

Growing up as the eldest Daughter to an Indian diplomat/politician and a wealthy Indian businessman, Tara was always seen as the rebellious one but when her bi-sexual nature was exposed, the majority of her extended family turned on her. Tara grew up feeling neglected by her parents who, she thinks, favor her younger sister, Sitara.

After their parents got divorced for reasons that Tara and Sitara know nothing of, their mother began helping the two sisters in developing and controlling their powers, but when her daughters' safety became compromized, their mother fled India and took them to America. There, she sought the help of Flashfire for their protection and the two girls became members.


Gravity control: Has total control of gravitic forces and can increase or decrease their effects to suit her needs.

Pull/repel: By creating gravity wells, she can make objects attract or repell other objects. 

Energy blast: She can emit blasts of directed gravitational force.

Flight:  She can negate the gravity's effect on her body and by using gravity wells, pull or push herself towards other objects. 

Physical resistance: She has a high density body resistant to cutting or piercing.

Force field: By enclosing an object is a bubble of immense gravitational force, she can render it nearly impossible to break, and able to withstands energy attacks. 

Super strength: Her high density body allows her to lift weights in the 150 ton range but by combining gravity control she can lift pretty much anything.

Since gravitational manipulation is controlled by concentration she must be wary not to exert herself. There is also a chance of mental overload when manipulating multiple gravitational wells. 

 She is limited to the size of objects she can manipulate. 150 tons is roughly the limit in normal form but in full power mode she can manipulate objects upwards of 500 tons, however, the larger the objects become, the less control she has over them.

Paraphernalia: She carries a l
arge two-handed hammer. The mallet can be detached and the handle used as a staff.