Character- Helena Frost
Helena Frost

Created by:  Harold Alston

Extended profile: Helena Frost Freedom profile

First appearance:
Helena Frost appears in the short film, "The Coming Storm"

Other Picture: Profile enlarged

A.K.A.: Icicle
Real Name:
 Alessandra Helena Frosinone
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5 foot 11 inches
Age: 35

Born in: Italy

Ethical alliance: Good


Helena Frost was born Alessandra Helena Frosinone in Frosinone, Italy. Her mother, Allegra, owned a small gelato cafe and her father, an African-American named Christian, was a frequent customer. After some time the two fell in love but did not marry. Christian revealed that he is actually a covert operative on assignment to infiltrate The Malta Group.

Knowing that he should not have revealed that information endangering her life and his operation, Christian and Allegra spent one last night together and then he was gone. Allegra was pregnant with Helena and when she was older, she was never told about her father.

It was during her university days that Helena noticed her acute sensitivity to temperature. The brutal summer climate in the southeast region of the US triggered her abilities, but only on a small scale. She would use her powers to cool herself when it got hot but she was more comfortable as the temperature lowered.

Helena then went to M.I.T. and it was there her interest in Portal technology was born. She eventually got a job at The Protal Coorporation while at the same time, secretly studied and trained to develop her powers.

Later, after an accident stranded her in another dimension, she founded the group Entropy Incorporated and assumed the name Icicle but after finding out that another hero had already taken that same name, she changed it to Helena Frost.


Cryokinetics: Helena's mutant power enables her to manipulate water and the moisture in the air and convert it to ice.

Elemental blasts: She can release release blasts of frozen particles and encase objects in ice or snow.

Barrier: She can erect walls of ice for protection.

Super strength: Her mutant physiology coupled with her ice powers enable her to lift weights in the 1 ton range.

Flight: Helena can also fly but how this ability relates to her mutant gift hasn't been disclosed.

Weaknesses: Any ability that can invalidate her abilities, mainly heat related.