Character- HERcules

Created by:  Rodney Lockett

Other picture: 

Real Name: Hercules
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6 feet 3 inches
Age: 3300 (born circa 1286 BC)

Born in:  Olympus

Ethical alliance: Evil since joining a criminal organization


Zeus, the God of all Gods, had fallen in love with a mortal woman named Alcmene. He consulted the Oracles, and they had promised him that from this union, he would sire a son whose greatness would rise above no other. His name would be Hercules.

But in this reality, Hera, Zeus's true mate, had become bitter towards her husband's cheating and adulterous behavior, and she, too, had peered into prophesy. She had seen her mate's future pride and joy, the mighty Hercules, and had seen how he would be loved by all, especially by his father.

Hera would not stand idly by anymore. If Zeus wanted this son of sons, she would deny him that pleasure.

Hera approached Priapus the God of Fertility. She asked him to make sure that after Zeus had laid with Alcmene, the child they sired would be a girl.

Priapus was resistant to meddle in Zeus's affairs, but Hera told him that Zeus would never figure out what had happened. She also told him that if he did not do what she requested, she would tell Zeus that Priapus had tried to force himself on her, which would surely garner Zeus's wrath.

Priapus did as she asked, and nine months later, Zeus appeared at the birth of his child. He became furious when he saw that his pre-named child Hercules was a girl. He went back to Olympus, vowing to never return, and he never did.

Hercules was raised on Earth by her mother, and growing up was difficult for young Hercules. She was bigger and stronger than other girls, and the boys feared her as well. She had been told the true story of her birth, and with every year that passed, she grew more resentful towards her father for abandoning her.

When she reached adulthood, like all demigods, she stopped aging. The years went by, and she saw all those around her age and die, including her beloved mother.

In time, everyone she had ever known was dead, and she felt truly alone.

Centuries passed, and she had amassed a lot of experience and wealth. She moved around a lot, from country to country, staying in each no longer than a few decades, then moving on so no one would see that she had not aged. 

She was eventually approached by a man calling himself Knight Panda. He said he worked for an organization called the Corporation, and they wanted to know if just existing was enough for her?

They had heard rumors that she was the child of Zeus and that he had abandoned her for being female. They assured her that they could be her new family. One that would not abandon her, and that together, they would do great things.

She thought about it for a while, and decided that she didn't want to hide who she was anymore. She, also, was tired of being alone. It would be nice to belong to a family, for once. And, so, she agreed to join them and became a member of the Unjust.

She did have one stipulation. She asked that her name on their roster be spelled with the first three letters capitalized, and she would make it known that she was, indeed, Zeus's daughter.

Let Zeus be incensed by her actions. He had rejected her, abandoned her. She didn't owe him anything.


Super strength: HERcules can lift around 60 tons.

Extended lifespan: She has lived over 3 millenias and may even be immortal.

Invulnerability: As a demi-god, she is pretty much invulnerable to any harm.

Enhanced vitals: She has extreme stamina, enabling her to do tasks almost indefinitely.