Character- Hoax

Created by: Mark Cardoso
First comic book appearance:

Real Name: Undisclosed
Hair: Brown
Eyes: red and white hypnotic swirls
Height: 6 foot

Age: Unknown
Country of Origin: Undisclosed

Ethical alliance: Evil


Hoax's identity still remains a mystery. All that is known about him is he is a mercenary for hire with unique abilities.

It is rumored that Hoax was a former A.S.H. agent turned rogue after being betrayed by Carter. As the story goes, Carter felt Hoax was too dangerous a liability if he were to fall in enemy hands so a plan was set up to have him eliminated. Hoax was sent on top secret mission where an A.S.H. agent was waiting to eleminate him. Hoax discovered the double cross and used his ability to turn the tables his would be assassin and escaped into the darkness.

Now, Hoax leads a group of mercenaries known as the Misfits for Hire. Each among them possessing unique abilities.


Substance secretion: When Hoax removes his mask, he releases a toxic hallucinogenic gas.

Hypnosis: His hypnotic red and white swirly eyes can weaken his victims and place them under his control.

Telepathy: With his telepathic ability he can find his enemies' fears and use them against them. This causes them to fall in a catatonic state where they live their fears in a continuous loop and eventually die due to fear madness.

Weaknesses: While masked, Hoax is vulnerable to energy blasts and physical attacks. He is also vulnerable to bullets and stab wounds.

Paraphernalia: Hoax wears a mask that helps him contain his power.